Help with Home theater setup


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Sep 29, 2020
Hello Friends,
It was great to find this community.

I am looking for help with my home theatre setup. Here is what I am looking for:
- We don't have a dedicated media room, it's the bedroom so the aesthetics are important
- The room size is 14 feet x 17 feet
- 75% movies, 25% music
- planning to get 65" LG cx OLED
- Looking for a 5.1.2 setup.
- Budget about 2 - 2.5 Lakhs

Aesthetics are very important and all speakers will have to be wall-mounted!

I have spoken to a couple of companies and this is the setup they have proposed:
- On Wall Front Speakers: Dali Oberon On the Wall
- Centre Speaker: Dali Oberon Vokal
- Rear Speakers: Dali Fazon Sat
- AVR: Marantz SR 5015 or Denon 2600
- Subwoofer: E12F
- Almos Speakers: E50

I didn't find much reviews on Dali products in the forum.

Any reviews on such a setup? Any recommendations?

Help from experts and audiophiles will be really appreciated.

For wall mounted speakers and good aesthetics look at xtz spirit series. Check out image for reference.Please note this is not my set up. You can also complete a 5.1 with the spirit series. However you may have to increase your budget. Speakers are available in black and white colours. Dali is a well known brand in the audiophile community. I use the entry level zensor series and happy with them


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I have Dali Oberon 5 as front , vokal as center , on wall as surround , e12f sub, Alecto c1 as atmos. With avr Nad758v3.
they are elegant speakers... if you go with them you will not be disappointed.

only thing, you have much bigger room than me , so if you have option go for Oberon 5 or later for front channel.

And if you are going with on wall at front, then go with a better sub or add 2 e9f sub/ or anything else.
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