Help with hometheater:yam463 and kef or wharfedale


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Jul 23, 2009
I've recently shifted into a new house and was hoping to setup a HTIB in my living room. the room size is about 10x16.
My budget is between 40-50K.
I auditioned a few systems and have finally locked onto
yamaha 463 or 363(~20K) and wharfedale 70+ moviestar(~27K) .
The only issue is that the wharfedale's don't fit into my decor. i also recently heard that KEF 1005's are really good and might fit into my budget. But i can't seem to locate any dealers for the same in mumbai.

Does anyone know of a dealer?
and how much will they cost?
Can someone recommend a better speaker setup for a similar pricepoint?
Is this a good combination? or will the denon 1909 be better. I don't need 7.1.

I'll be attaching a DVD player and my WD media player to it. I'm basically a movie buff.

Any help will be appreciated.
Kef is distributed by ProFx in India. Go through their website for the price idea.
And their dealers in mumbai are as follows:

M/s. Lakozy Electronics & Services
Contact No: 022 2369 7001 / 2369 7002

M/s. The Shop
Contact No: 022 2620 4710 / 2623 7800

M/s. Creative Enterprises
Contact No: 022 26121112 / 26231112

M/s. Resonant Redefining Audio
Contact No: 022 2612 1112 / 2623 1112

M/s. Nova Audio Pvt Ltd
Contact No: 022 2600 7700 / 09820284641
Check out Mission and Q-Acoustics brands before you decide. Both the brands have good budget bookshelf HT packages. All the best!!!

Ramesh @ Bangalore
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