help with onkyo 606 through composite


New Member
Mar 2, 2009
hey guys - had a wonderful set of reviews and help from the sound gurus and in my smallish budget i went in with Onkyo 606, Onkyo hts 230, Jamo 407 for now.

I have added a few devices to the onkyo and routed everything through HDMI (video) through the Panny plasma and audio processed by the AV.

PS2 connected via composite cable to Game/composite in (back of receiver)
tata sky connected though composite to cab/composite in (back of receiver)
ipod through aux in

now the problem is after connecting everything i did not get any video/audio after selecting cable/game buttons on the remote/unit. Setup and assigning buttons did not help. After fiddlign for an hour and clearing everything (not assigning any input to anything) and restarting the system - the tata sky started working but the ps2 does not show up at all. I can try connecting just one unit but i don't want to lose connection to the tata sky again.

I also have a old vcd player i want to connect through composite.

Now what should be the settings and how should it be assigned if - ps2, tata sky, vcd player are all connected through composite in connections at the back of the receiver and i can easily switch between them at will.

Please help guys/ I am losing:eek: face in front of my family.
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