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Jan 26, 2009
hi one and all!!first of ,salutations to all the audio gurus out there!!(u all know who u are).absolutely heartwarming to see so many people helping each other in the quest for sonic nirvana.stumbled across this site by accident,and really made my day.havin been goin thru the various posts past few weeks,see so much interaction goin on here,feels like a huge,close knit family!!yes,great sound is a binder all right!!am a dr from kerala,currently working in the maldives(yeah,..beautiful country).have always been nurturing a dream of one day puttin together a decent hifi comprising of separates,unfortunately never had the spare cash to do so,till now.have narrowed my search in components down to the following so,..(oh well,here we go again!!heh!)i have a budget of 50k and am looking at a 2ch setup.music is the priority.listen to a lot of rock(mainly classic),pop,metal,classical(both western and indian)new age,hiphop,trance,house,lounge,..yeah,pretty much everythin out there.i like my music to have depth in bass,warmth and clarity in detail.the setup is for my bedroom(dimensions not known,but a medium size).am looking at 1.floorstanders(mission m33i,m34i,wharfedale 9.5,9.6,mordaunt short 914i,906i,tannoy f4 custom) 2.integrated amp(ca 540Av2,marantz pm4001,maybe nad,rotel) 3.dvdp(ca DVD89,99 or denon,marantz).yes,i realise dedicated cdp is more sense but want a universal dvd player which has good audio cause i plan to watch the occasional movie. 4.cables,etc. like i mentioned,my budget is paramount and so are my wants.sheesh,the situations we put ourselves in!!!any suggestions audio gurus?again,vfm is the mantra here but in the process a hifi that will be definitely sweet to my ears.as im working outside,auditioning the combinations are my biggest prob.i know,its a leap of faith,but hey,..thats what faith is for!!heh.i trust ur judgements implicitly.also,any sweet deals for the same.could you help me out brothers?cheers,dr.kannan
hi rally nut
welcome to the forum. you can get a decent set up for that money. just a suggestion - instead of buying a floorstander, think of bookshelves instead. the quality of music will be much better, price being constant. brands that come to my mind are monitor audio bronze br2. the kef iq series. they;re both better than the wharfedales. to match with an amp - either the cambridge, nad or marantz. you need to put in a cd player as well. if youre connecting it to your tv and dont want to buy a separate cdp, then atleast a good dvd player

ultimately we can only suggest brands and products - its for you to decide which suits your listening style best. all of these products come with their own characteristics. you need to listen and decide which you prefer
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50 K will be less for floor stander unless you stick with M33i :). If you go for wharfedale 9.5 or any other good floor stander the cost will be around 30 K(prices have gone up now), and you got 20 K left for dvdp + Amplifier.

So advice is to increase the budget or stick to bookshelf speakers.

Since your music taste is wide Wharfedale 9.2 can give you a bit extra punch compared to 9.1 for 16K. You can also audition Monitor audio, polk audio, PSB alpha, Dali Lektor book shelf speakers.

50k budget for a dvd player floorstanders and an amp is possible however your floorstanders choices are restriced

Also where are you going to buy from/
if you can buy from malaysia,singapore etc then 50K is sufficeint ( you will have to manage shipping though)

As suggested bookshelves are an excellent option as well, however you should audition floorstanders and bookshelves in your budget and decide what you like.

Your floorstander choices you have mentioned are spot on and only they will fit your budget
i like the avant 906i flooorstander but they will cost you close to 26k-28k
A CA 540 V2 for 20k will go well with it
a pioneer dvd player like the 600 series for 7k. and a few thousnd for cabling
there youve crossed 50k

Alternatively the warfedale 9.5 are decent(22-24k) ( i like the 906 avant better) however the 9.6 diamond or much better

please do audition some brands, only then you will know which speakers you like and which you dont.
suggestions on this forum are just guides, you have to hear speakers.everyone has different taste

Alternatively the warfedale 9.5 are decent(22-24k) ( i like the 906 avant better) however the 9.6 diamond or much better
speakers.everyone has different taste

Vector systems quoted 32K for 9.5 in the times AVR exhibit - Blore
Welcome to the boards, Dr. Kannan. Do you have a DVD player right now? If so, I would recommend allocating your budget mostly to the speakers and amplifier.

Some suggested auditions:
  • Marantz PM-7001 amplifier & Monitor Audio RS1 standmounts.
  • NAD C355BEE amplifier & PSB Alpha B25 standmounts.
  • Cambridge Audio 640A V2 amplifier & Mordaunt Short Mezzo 2 standmounts.
  • Other standmount speakers like: Quad 11L2/12L2, KEF iQ3, etc.

(Or, if you could increase your budget by around 7k, you could add the Pioneer DV-610AV universal player.)

This is the fun part. Take 5-10 of your favourite CDs (music that you listen to very often, that you are extremely familiar with) and see which combination does it for you. Mix and match to find the balance you are looking for.

Of course, as said above and everywhere else, trust only your ears and not specs or reviews.
Vector systems quoted 32K for 9.5 in the times AVR exhibit - Blore
if youre willing to pay for the courier charges i can get you the warfedale 9.5 in the above said cost (under 25k maybe even 23)here in mumbai ( yes its with bill and warranty and absolutely no more scope for bargaining:D)
thanks for the warm welcome guys!!!true,was thinking of bookshelves,but have always wanted floorstanders.yes i realise the price point im working with may not be ideal for great fs.even so,the choices are based purely on budget and compatibility.my pref choice of m34i is because they are supposed to be cheap,have good sensitivity(92db),and are considered to be relatively non fussy to drive.hence my preferred pairing would be m34i,ca 540Av2,ca dvd89.but somehow not too many people have any opn on the missions!plus was quoted approx 24.5k for the pair frm a dealer in blore.too much?thought of the wharf 9.1+sw150 also but the quote was 12+18.5k!!magma,ur suggestion of sourcing the wharf 9.5 frm mumbai is a good idea,but what amp to drive them with as regarding lesser sensitivity(86db)?are the m34i also available at a reasonable cost?(vijay sales 18k? post).could i get all the stuff frm mumbai?and how much would the approx courier charges be to kochi,kerala?particleman,good suggestion of components,i admit,but as i have mentioned previously cant audition any due to my working abroad at the moment.hence the leap of faith!!!for an allrounder taste in music,guess the best would be to get nonfussy components with some pedigree.have also been in touch with lithos regarding the noa1 and q10 and though i want the q10,a tad outta budget.suggestions guys?pls let me know of good deals amigos,cause the target is 50k.of course give or take a few k.could even source all of the required thru any of u.have no issues,after all what are friends for???cheers,dr kannan
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Hi Rallynut,

If you do a simple browse of the threads, it is mentioned by many people to review the system before buying it. While I understand your reasons for faith in others to schedule a delivery, you are going to be with the components for a while. So I suggest auditioning to get a feel for the sound signatures as they could be quite unique within the same brand.
appreciate the good advice fellas,will schedule an audition when i am in india prior to making any purchase.anyone know the current prices of marantz pm7001+ma rs1,nad c355bee+psb b25,wharfe 9.1 or 9.2+sw150 in kochi,mangalore or bangalore?pls help.if i do indeed decide on standmounts,where could i source the stands?thanks again guys
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