Hi Everybody ! and my first question..


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Aug 26, 2008

Good to be here..

I am Sri and I work/live in the US. I joined this forum with the hope of discussing issues and get answers - also give my 2 cents which I would have in plenty too :D

Well... I already have my first question. Have anyone got any suggestion or Experience in buying a Bome thtr in aBox (or) just receiver and speakers in the US and using it in India ?

It is time for me to buy one such system and take it to India...

Hope a good built 220v step up transformer would do the job ?..

What are my choices ?.. If there is an existing thread here.. please point it away - I will be searching more here right away..

Hey Sri, welcome to the forum. I do hope you stay on for a long time and continue giving us your 'two cents'.

The only issue with buying equipment in the US and using it in India, is the voltage difference. Non electronic items such as speakers, cables, and connectors can be bought without any issue.

Regarding the voltage issues there are already three or more threads that have discussed this in detail. Please go to the following threads. If you search, you may find more threads.


After reading these, if you have any further questions, I am sure we will be happy to answer them.

Hi Sri,

Welcome to the forum. In response to your query, I just wanted to relate my personal experience with 110V equipment (also bought and used extensively in the US as well as India).

I have an ancient NAD pre/ power amp as well as a Nakamichi tape deck. Having grown attached to the rig, I wanted to bring them over to India and continue using it.

With a well-made step down transformer with adequate headroom in terms of power handling capacity, I have experienced no problems and the sound quality is the same as far as I can make out (obviously no possibility of doing a simultaneous A/B comparo). It's been a year and all is well.

Again, this is one person's experience, and the purist view will be different I'm sure - but take it for what it's worth.

However, since you haven't actually bought the equipment, do check if it's available in the same ballpark range in India (many makes are, at a 20-30% markup). Do consider shipping/ customs/ breakage/ hassle implications while doing your math.

Finally, do consider electronics with robust protection circuitry. This relates less to voltage difference and more to the quality of power supply in many Indian cities.

Hope this helps.

Can anyone please tell me what are the budget adapters / systems available for the conversion of 220v to 110v...
I have got one 5.1 system with DVD Player with iPod Dock, but the subwoofer supports only 110v... so i am not able to play the same...
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