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Sep 5, 2008
Hello everybody.

I am a complete Hi-Fi newbie, and my previous music listening has been primarily been on computer speakers. However, I happened to audition (I gather thats what people call it here) a friend's yamaha reciever and a yamaha floor standers rigged to a phillips CD/DVD player. Needless to say, I was blown away by the sound of Joseph Kripps and LSO performing Beethoven's first symphony. That was a few weeks ago, and I have been reading up a bit on hi-fi (mainly from the Indian edition of What Hi-Fi) and have decided to set up a budget system for myself. Now the issue is that I really mean it when I say budget (Having photography with all its costly lenses as a side hobby sucks out all my surplus cash). So here are my desires and limitations:

Total Budget: 20,000

In which I want to buy a set of speakers and an integrated amplifier. Will spend another 5000 if I can get a decent CD Player in that money, otherwise will wait for some time (and use the Laptop's CD player in the meanwhile) and spend for a CD player later.

Listening Preferences: Jazz, Classic Rock, Metal, Western Classical, Hindustani classical (mostly vocal).

Size of the Room: About 15*15. Barely furnished.

I have heard of Norge as a respectable Indian brand, and as I understand, only that will fit my budget. Or are their any other options?

Another opinion I wanted to take from you guys is how would a Norge setup perform vis-a-vis similarly priced mini-comp systems from the likes of sony and samsung and phillips?

I know I should be listening to all these systems while taking a call, but I would love you peoples' suggestions before I shortlist the ones I want to listen to.

Hi Saket

Welcome to the forum...!!!

Buddy thats a really tight budget...

I am not sure how you will judge your system in that price with the one you audition at your frnz place...

The suggestions goes below...
1). Get a CA-2.0 Amp-540 or CA-340 from Grey Market - New Piece...
2). Get a CA 2.0 Amp-540 or CA-340 in Used Condition...

Contact Ramesh for the same...He is a well trusted person for the same...

You should endup getting the same, for about Rs.10-12K or so...

Secondly look for some local speaker range under Rs.8-10K for a pair of speakers....
And spend Rs.2-3K on wiring...

For CDP you need to wait...until you save around Rs.5-6K...

Anyhow without CDP you will end up under your extended budget of Rs.20-22K...

Thats what should go as per what i think...
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Always stay within your budget. If Rs 20K is what you've stashed away then stick to it. If you would like to pick up some of the top brands you will have to look at the second hand market. Its not too bad but be aware of the risks.

Here are some options with Indian brands which you can buy new and stay within your budget:

Stereo Amplifiers

Norge 1000 Gold
Pre Power Combo
125 watts per channel <-- Match this to your speakers
Price Rs 8,900

Norge 2060
Pre Power Combo
80 watts per channel <-- Match this to your speakers
Price Rs 6,900

Speakers (Floor Standers)

Sonodyne Sonus 2605
3 way, 130 watts per channel,
8 ohms 88 dB 45Hz-22kHz
Price Rs. 11,200

Sonodyne Sonus 160l
2 way, 80 watts per channel,
8 ohms 88 dB 50Hz-22kHz
Price Rs. 5,700

Speakers - Bookshelfs

Sonodyne Avant 150
2 way, 75 watts per channel,
8 ohms 90 dB 90Hz-20kHz
Price Rs. 9,100

Norge MD80 Mach 2
2 way, 75 watts per channel,
8 ohms 89 dB 40Hz-23kHz
Price Rs. 9,500

Hope this helps. Always ask to hear your speakers if you can. Floor standers give you a little more bass depending on the driver setup. Bookshelfs are a really good option. Loud is not better. Most low end systems try to showcase heavy bass emphasis but as you go higher the systems tend to start detailing the sound better. A nicely setup 80 watts system will give you plenty of enjoyment.
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