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Nov 3, 2007
I have made a mini theatre in my house, i am posting some of the photo's on this site, please consider to tell me your respective comments, thank you, vinay.
Very impressive, Vinay, you are a lucky man. However please could you post larger, high-resolution photos as it is difficult to see details and they don't do your setup justice.

I see you are using Monitor Audio speakers, great choice. Perhaps you could share with us the details of the electronics you are using? It looks like mostly Denon stuff in the audio dept.

Just one thought: why are the surrounds placed so high up and why didn't you go with bipoles for them?
Thank you for writing to me

I am honoured that you have liked my mini theatre, thank you again.

Indeed i am a lucky man, but you know the kind of pains which i have gone through in making this, it was just too much to handle.

I will try to send you the high resolution pictures in the next few days.

Yes i am using denon for the dvd player and receiver.

The surround is not much up, my sitting is a raised one.

I am trading in stock and commodities market, so what do you do please?
AV MAX Magazine

Furthermore i am pleased to share with you, that the October issue has an full article of my theatre running into 4 pages, did you read it please?

Thank You.
It is very nice to know that you have liked my mini theatre.

The cost attached is mind boggling.

My theatre's article is there in AV MAX magazine, October issue, it has full 4 pages, please read it and get back to me, I am sure you will realize it was worth getting the magazine.

I am into trading with stock and commodities market, what about you please?

Are you in Mumbai?

I will wait to hear from you.
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