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Home Theatre Shops in Delhi and my experience :)

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Oct 19, 2017
New Delhi
So i am writing this post following my experience of dealers in Delhi!

So from my little experience i have of dealers in delhi i feel most of them lack knowledge! Many believe in just box selling. I feel this industry is all about the quality of service you offer, but many dealers dont believe this way. I had a hard time planning my auditions as the limitations were endless! Some did not have the equipment, some did not have a proper setup, some did not have proper knowledge, some were selling the equipment at extraordinary high prices !

On top of everything i did not find many forum members from delhi.. So i basically cud not connect with anyone! had google as a companion :)

So i am here summarizing my experience with a few dealers in Delhi so that newbies who are just starting can benefit from it !

New Gear
1) Sound by design (OWNER--sid) -- The best experience i have had so far! Infact bought my recent AVR from him ! This guy has abundance of knowledge and is not focussed on just selling equipment but instead is selling an experience! The guy is quite approachable which i find to be his best quality.. You ping him on whatsapp and you'll get a quick response.. These guys are pateint and understand that crucial decisions take time. as of now he wud be my go to guy for AV Gear..
If you call/message him do give this reference. I promised him that ill write about my experience with him :)

2) AV Zone:- I got to know about Mr sanjeev from a close relative. My uncle had been buying equipments from him from the time he had just started. The rates are quite competitive but to be honest the owners are not approachable.. They seem to be quite busy. I have had few instances of no call back and not picking my calls. So was a bit let down in my recent experience! First Experience on the other hand was fantastic.. so give it a try :)

3) Cinesound Ghitorni :- Dont have personal experience of buying from them but the guy is pateint. Theres just one demo room and at the time of my visit there was just one guy, so the process wont be that fast. I see that they have second hand gear as well so chances are you may get a sweet deal.
Number--96505 75888

4)Soundtrails Gurgaon:- Mr Sahil was quite welcoming. They have a fairly neat setup. I guess they are new to this business but have quality equipment. They were quite pateint with me and i had a good time there. I guess the prices might be a little steep but you may negotiate. You can call him for any advice and share ur concerns he'll respond well in time.
Number--95600 30646

5) Bass n Treble:- Though you may find a lot of good reviews on Google. But my little experience has not been that good. Dont know how busy these guys are! called them multiple times and they promised a call back but never did. I have even seen youtube videos featuring the founder but since the guys are hard to approach cant comment on the services. You may try your luck.. I guess they deal in high end brands.

6) Audio Nirvana:- The owner was friendly over the phone. Understood my concern as well. From the pics on the internet i can tell tell the setup is good but i dont have any first hand experience. I guess their portfolio is a little narrow and they deal in high end brands.
Number--95603 22000

7) Mr Tejinder Chandni Chowk :- I had purchased a speaker from him. And from the little i have read here and there and my personal experience, I wud call him Jugaadu(in a positive way). His rates are competitive, is friendly also but demo wud be very restrictive. He doesnt have a dedicated demo room but a little space where you can check the equipment. He also sells without bill gear so may help you :)
Number:- 9811256782

Some other dealers who are dealing in second hand gear. They might not be your go to guys for buying the latest and greatest AVR but if you are on a budget and dont mind spending a little on old Gear you may try them :)

1) Mr Amit From Rs studio :-- 9210272811
2) Sabby--9212389903
3) Mr sunil Gangar--9312261668

I may know of a few more dealers but then the post wud be too long ! Please add on to this post so that others can benefit as well. Please add on your experiences and any other good dealers that you know of!



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May 8, 2008
+ 1 to Sid from my side as well. He is a great guy who seems to never lose his cool. Highly recommended.

Bass n Treble has changed a lot in the past few years, sadly, not all for the good though.

AV Enthusiast

Sep 2, 2018
Hi! all, spoke to the dealer called Sabby the other day as I am in the market for a set of used floorstanders to use with a Sonodyne Amplifier ( SA8000) I just bought on OLX from a gentleman in Bengaluru. He seemed to be quite polite and answered my questions patiently. He had quite a few deals but unfortunately not within my set budget as it is for a third system ( only for music) in a loft I'm building on my terrace...