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Nov 12, 2007
Hi Pals,

I am new to this forum and would like to have your valuable opinions and suggestions. I have at last made up my mind to go in for Onkyo TX SR605, mainly due to its price and features. As I heard ELAC would pair well with Onkyo, I am planning to go for

ELAC FS-58 Floor Standers, CC 51 Center, 50 ESP Sub and matching surrounds.

First of all I would like to let you know that I really wonder as to why there are not much reviews on ELAC products? Has any one used the above mentioned setup? I am making it clear that my budget is 1 - 1.5 lakhs for speakers, cables and interconnects. Could you please let me know what other brands get along well with Onkyo receivers viz. Wharfedale, Monitor Audio, Mordaunt Short, Polk Audio, KEF, Klipsch e.t.c? Well, you might wonder why ELAC? I once had been to e-zone Bangalore and just like that auditioned Onkyo receivers. I was really impressed by the performance. At later stage I came to know that the speakers were of ELAC.

Please guide me in this.

Thanks in advance..

PS : I heard from one of the dealers in Pune that the Onkyo TX-SR 605 model is out of stock all over India and also in Middle East countries due to the overwhelming response and expecting a consignment by January 2008 only. (I don?t know how far it?s true)

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Hello Shriram

About your query regarding Onkyo TX-SR 605 is out of i just got my Onkyo TX-SR 605 1 week back it does take 6-7 days from order but certainly not out of stock....With such nice budget you can go either KEF or B & W speaker package...wharfdale is nice and polk audio is standard sound....about elac i too heard its nice but same as you couldnt find reviews.I opted for onkyo speakers because of my small budget :)
If you are in pune we can get in touch for a coffe and discussion :)
See ya
An AVEXPO is on at Chennai.

In ONKYO there is a higher model 703 in place of 605.

The offer price in the promo is 703 - 35K and 505 - 23K. This is from ONKYO dealer in Chennai.

You may make your own comparisons for the price.


Interesting !!! seems after my purchase 605 is out of stock :)

actually 703 model is older model which is replaced by newer 705 model whcih cost around 48k and is THX certified...
if you refer onkyo's new product catloge for 2007 you can see difference....703 not having HDMI, support for DTS TRUE HD,Dolby Digital + etc so they may be selling 703 for clearence sale offer :)
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Hi sriram,
That model is out of stock in bangalore as well. Stocks expected only in Jan.

I have also decided on 605 receiver and i am looking at Dalli Ikon 6, B&W 600 series and KEF iq7 speakers for that. All three are very good speakers but Dalli Ikon 6 has amazing reviews overall. I will do the audition once the receiver is available and will update you with my feedback.

Thank you Hemanth, hifijay and vijay_ditango for your valuable inputs. After some thought as to why not invest on a better AVR, I am now thinking of going for either Onkyo SR-TX 805 or Onkyo SR-TX 875. The reasons are as follows :

1) Pre-outs for all channels (Starts from TX-SR-705)
2) Burr Brown DAC
3) Three Texas Instruments DSPs (1 in the lower models)
4) More Wattage / Channels
5) Dual Push Pull amplifier
6) THX Ultra 2 Certification
7) Audyssey MultEQ XT
8) 3 HDMI Inputs
9) Silicon Optix HQV Reon processor for 1080p Upscaling (TX-SR-875)

Also under consideration is Marantz 7002 / 8002. I am not sure that any one of these supports upscaling to 1080p.

And regarding Speakers still under confusion. Some of them I am considering are :

1) Monitor Audio Silver Series (Bit expensive, about 2+ lacs)
2) Monitor Bronze Series
2) Wharfedale Diamonds / EVO series
3) Mordaunt Short Avant Series

I don't know which of these pair better with Onkyos. Also I'm not aware of the pricing of the others. More over How about KEF and Tannoy?

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Hi sriram,

Look at this months edition of "what Hifi? sound and vision" magazine. You can get answers for all your questions.


You can consider the new KEF 3005SE or QAcoustic 1010i or Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom if you are going in for SR-TX 505 or 605.

If you have enough budget for SR-TX875, then B&W 685 package (Front-685, Center-HTM62, Rear-686, Sub-ASW608) or even B&W MT-30 or Dali Ikon 6 (if you have the money and space) would be a great match.

Reviews indicate that sonically and video-wise there isn't much of an improvement between SR-TX605 and 705. However, SR-TX875 and 905 are in a totally different performance and price league and worth it if you have the moolah.

Yes, SR-TX605 is greatly in demand. The Hyderabad Onkyo store manager said that the company ships only 10 units every month to India ! It is available only on pre-order. Delivery time roughly 4-8 weeks.

I am owner of Onkyo 875 but did not invest yet on Speakers because I am researching on right set of compatible speakers.

Coming to Elac, They are very nice with Onkyo. I auditioned them in Onkyo Show room as well as EZone. But the quality in Showroom was 100 times better than EZone may be because of settings etc.

When deciding on Elac, try to audition them with your receiver. I was so much impressed by Elac that I was about to buy them because of smoothness of sound quality etc. But when I listened to them with 875, I felt the sound was bit harsh. May be because of settings or because of high output from receiver which it can not handle.

In either case as anybody in this forum say: LISTEN to YOUR EARS connecting YOUR RECEIVER
Hey guys,

My first post on the forum and I'm just about getting into the audiophile bug. I have also been looking liek crazy for the ONKYO SR-605 in Mumbai but can't find it.

Could someone give me a rough idea of the price I could get it at and a dealer in Mumbai.

Secondly, since I'm starting off with a small budget,I'm looking to team the Onkyo with the MS Avant902i bookshelves and then an accompanying sub.
Music is really my requirement over video.

Does an7yone have views on the Cambridge AV receivers.


In Hyderabad or Bangalore, Onkyo SR-605 retails between 32K to 36K INR depending on the availability. Not much idea about Mumbai, but you can try the local Onkyo company showroom.

But if music is your priority, you can take a look at the Maranatz receivers - SR5002 or SR6001. Marantz receivers are more 'musical' , feature-packed and better in a stereo or 2.1 setup as opposed to Cambridge Audio. But note that any multi-channel receiver will be compromise in sound as compared to dedicated stereo amplifiers. But some of the Marantz receivers or the higher-end Onkyo AVs like SR875 or SR905 are as good with stereo as with multi-channel setups.

Happy Shopping !
Hi Svedantam,

Thanks for the reply. I was looking at the SR-605 at being roughly 25K, considering their going for about 400 -500 USD.

35K is really out of my budget. I'm looking to stick around the 20K range.

I also looked up the Marantz site and they don't seem to have any official dealers in India, so how does service etc. fit in. I've also read other reviews talking of good audio quality from the Marantz ranges. Will check out in Mumbai for prices and availability.

Hey,Hi can i know for what price did u buy the 875 for,i am planning for a 605,does 875 make a lot more difference than 605?

ElAC is good ,atleast good for me,ELAC is cming out for 80 K ,

For such prices if we were living in US we could have owned the best system,taxes are too much in here...! good for you ,u cud afford the 875

Be well!
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But if music is your priority, you can take a look at the Maranatz receivers - SR5002 or SR6001. Marantz receivers are more 'musical' , feature-packed and better in a stereo or 2.1 setup as opposed to Cambridge Audio. But note that any multi-channel receiver will be compromise in sound as compared to dedicated stereo amplifiers. But some of the Marantz receivers or the higher-end Onkyo AVs like SR875 or SR905 are as good with stereo as with multi-channel setups.


I have to disagree here. I rate Cambridge Audio higher than Marantz for more musical receivers, though by a small amount. I have been auditioning various receivers for over six months now. My view is that Marantz is slightly more warmer sounding that Cambridge Audio. Also Marantz is more feature packed.

If you want a receiver in the less that 30K region, dont forget to audition Marantz SR4001 (or the latest SR 4002) and Cambridge Audio 340R. And finally the advice that I give everybody, make the decision based on your own eyes and ears.

Prasad Redkar.
I have finally gone with the Monitor Audio route. I auditioned MA along with Dali, Tannoy and B&W but some how got impressed with the MA. Though I couldn't audition ELAC with Onkyo here in Pune. I have bought the MA RS6. Yet to go for Center and surrounds. Planning to go for RS8 as fronts, RSLCR as center and keeping the RS6 as surrounds. Also finalised on Onkyo TX-SR 875. Waiting for its arrival in the mid of January 2008. Any opinions on this?

Unfortunately, the 875 is way too expensive in india compared with its USD price ( 1200$)
875 is good for people who use this for movies+ some music.It scores on the following features.
2. REON HQV video processor (highly regarded)
3. got dolby true hd onboard processing (we really dont need this feature at this time and we do not have sources for true hd. even HD/BD Sources are hard to come in india)
4. you can take pre-outs for al channels.
5. can work as biamped if in 5.1 mode rather than 7.1 mode
6. can upconvert all inputs to 1080p via hdmi.
7. the hdmi is 1.3a

read the avs forum thread on the 875. it is a major hit, minus two disadvantages.
1. way too bulky and of odd size ( 26kgs and 18" *18" *18" roughly)
2. Heats up so much you could use it as a toaster.

Even i am looking for the 875.. and am waiting for prices to drop down to the more saner 55-65k range.80k is absurd.

Even I was considering Onkyo 875 as a part of my plan to upgrade my HT to 1080p/Deep color/HD audio. Till now there were no other options, but Denon has just released the 2008 models globally. Denon is expected to be just a bit more costly than the comparable Onkyo model when released in India (any time now). I have loved the Denon sound over Onkyo for a long time, so I would prefer to wait for it. Anyway the availability of 1080p sources as well as projectors is still poor, so I am not in a hurry. I am enjoying my journey through the Denon literature for 3808/4808.
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