How much Data u have in store?


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Oct 17, 2008
I was just wondering how much data is enough or too big.
With introduction of TB hard discs and external storages, it is easy.

My storage : 4.25 TB

3 ext : 1TB each
1 ext : .5 TB
1 int : .5 TB
1 port : .25 TB
i am nothing man compared to you

I have 250GB. 40GB 20GB IHDD (in download rig), 250 GB PHDD, & two 1 TB (HDD in my HTPC) maxing in less than 3 TB. I am yet to catch up.

Data is mostly original DVD copies and all my audio cds backup in FLAC:clapping:
he he he i love these "mine is bigger than yours" threads :)

I only got a 80gb hitachi + 160gb barracuda + 512gb baaracuda all sata .... but so what if they are not as big as some others - my first two disk are very old .. they last longer .. :licklips:

Mine is a 160GB SATA2 + 1 TB external.

Interestingly I have lot of pen drives (4gb, 8gb etc...) that totals up to 100gb :lol:

I create lot of music loops, bgms and songs. Most of my storage space gets filled up with these along with music software, live recordings, instrument samples and virtual instruments.
I've recently started downloading HD movies / TV Series off the net, so am thinking of buying a 1 TB external drive to hook up to my pS3 to play these videos. Other than that I mostly have pics and music amounting to a couple of hundred GBs

I also have about 400 GBs of home videos in avi form burnt into dvds for storage.

I am having external hard disk 500gb and 250gb, which will take at least 2 years to get full in spite of i downloading movies 24 x 7.

The reason being the movie which i do not like i just delete it, the same applies to the movie which i have found okay, but will not like to see it again. In this way i keep only the movies which i will like to see it again.

For me moral of the story is simple, the movies which i will not see it , why keep it.:yahoo:

I have 3 * 1TB external HDD (WD) and my PC has got about 660GB internal storage and have about 200 DVDs with movies.....

2 of my 1 TB disks are full and the 3rd one is about half full and if I I transfer whats there in the DVDs then I shud say I have about 3+ TBs of storage (May be a 1000 movies + 2000 or songs + documentaries + series)
I am still managing with 80GB HDD in my Macbook Pro. Out of this around 40GB has gone in my music collection.

Its a battle everyday, which I will lose someday but still surviving (4GB free)
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