How recordings are produced and what it means for your Hifi ivory tower


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Aug 29, 2016
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''Circling back to what all this means to our choices in speakers and components, what are we asking our system to do?

For me, the ideal is a system that is accurate and transparent enough to be able to (when called upon) hint at a credible illusion of a you-are-there style of recording. But it’s more important to me that the system be able to satisfy my ear with a typical “fake” and somewhat hyped style of recording. Cause that’s the majority of what I like to listen to. I consider that system to inhabit the ideal point in my imaginary accuracy/listenability matrix

Yes, in Music Production Lots of Pre, Intra & post processing involved, Thats one of the reasons Most of the newer music seems fairly identical. It is similar to Most actresses's dress code, hair style and make up ; appears similar for the particular year or season. Because most of it is decided for the particular season in Fashion Capitals of World Like Paris or Milan, Most of the actresses try to copy that , in the process they all end up looking same. So a Recording Engr adds additional Make up to the actual music to make it more appealing. The differentiation is lost to some extent and that is unfortunate but unavoidable.

Recording Engr infuses some kind of artificial build up for the Voices, Music instruments or their inter relation in time and space; to create an 'Impact', which is more pronounced than natural, or actual performance; which is approved by the artist/ Recording engineer. We don't have Background music in life, it is artificial and adds the IMPACT to the scenes in the movie, Similarly Hero thrashing 10 -15 odd Rowdies in a fit of rage or Clouds in the background during a romantic scene just to add impact to the Emotion being Portrayed.

The Playback gear adds the listeners subjective preference on how he wants the music to sound like, well that is acceptable too. The problem occurs With Judging the choices, expecting everyone to like a Flat EQ response or Rock Eq response is just few of them. A Seasoned audiophile develops a taste over period of time, and he is mostly clear about the version of the recorded music he wants to listen to , and he will eventually chase it down depending upon his persistence in dedicating time and effort. Thats why music is so Subjective, Why the hell we have more than Thousand Speaker Making Companies plus DIY designs ? We have equally big number of amplifier , CD Player or Vinyl Player Companies as well, because music is subjective and bias is inherent. Thats also the reason, we have thousands of audio forums where different audiophile opinion is discussed even when online reviews are plenty already.
Just Realize the facts and stop Judging people or their gear choices, dont strongly opine unless you are asked to, Most importantly dont impose your preference of music on others & Make Peace with this Fact that diversity of opinions is a rule when it comes to Music Playback.
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