How to connect a power amp to a reciever


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Oct 23, 2008
Hello friends

Though this is a old topic, I would like to invite suggestions as to how to connect a amp= int/power to a AV reciver..
the reciver has pre=outs.

What cables to use to connect them..
how to arrange speaker wires.
how to set them while using 2ch-stereo and 5-ch movie..

Let us take a ex= we want to connect the Quad 909 power amp to Denon 2309.

Is the question that you want to use AV receiver as the pre amp for the front two channels and it as the receiver for the other 3 speakers ?

to do this
1.Your AV should have a Pre Out
2. Your Int amp should have a power amp in ie capability to bypass the inbuilt pre amp

in this case it is a simple act of connecting the L+R of the AVR ( pre amp )to the power amp using a pair of Interconnects

the main speakers (L+R) are connected to the Int Amp and the other speakers to the Receiver.

now you need to balance the sound by adjusting the gain of the AVRs center/surround to ensure that the sound volume is the same.

dont expect it to sound the same at all levels as the gain for the power amp sections could be different so some amount of readjustments may be necessary.

connection (1) is essential for this..but even if (2) is not available, you can put your volume conrol at MAX and then connect it as you would connect any other source..but this is not recommended IMHO since i have no clue on the int amp did not behave as well as it should have when i tried this.
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I presume the connections you are saying are :

Interconnects from Pre-out of AVR to power amp.
(denon has 7-ch pre-out).

Front speakers to the amp.

So if i want to play stereo, I keep the power amp on and the AVR to stereo mode or off?

And to play movies i keep both on and AVR in DVD/5ch/dolby mode.

AVR has to be that is your Pre amp.

Most AVRs have an option of "Direct" ie it bypasses any DSP and provides the shortest path to the power amp/Pre out. If you have that, it is your best option.Else stereo.
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