how to reduce reflections in room for stereo..

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Sep 2, 2012
ERODE , tamil nadu
dear friends,

i have just bough my stereo set up for my 11*16 room..

this is a bed room surrounded with books and little shelfs..not a dedicated room for listening.. and also from rental house.. so , full work for acoustic will not possible.

when listening musics , sound reflection is o.k. for now.. but missed the details in bass and some sound.. and also bit ear fatigue when listening continuously..

so plan to sound proof a bit for such a rental house..

i listened in one local shop,they did sound proof with some fibre board only for ceiling.. not even side walls or floor... but the sound from such basic proof was satisfied for me..

if so , is there any cheap materials available for ceiling proof only? because if i moved any other new house , it will be waste of money..

is this idea is good ? i dont need perfect dedicated sound proof.. just need to reduce reflections and gain some music details..

i have to spent upto rs.5000/- including labour..

please help

-suresh babu


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Aug 17, 2011
from Kolkata, now in Melbourne.
Hi Subabu,

A small correction, it is sound absorption and not sound proofing. :)

Anyway, lets focus on the problem. The following suggestion is only keeping in mind about you present condition of living room and rented house.

As this is a bedroom, I hope you have a bed with enough cushion on it. Doors and windows have drapes/curtains. This should be doing there job in reducing and minimising the reverberation effect. Now there are mainly two other points - Hard surface reflection and standing waves. These, when addressed, gives excellent sound response from even "mediocre" system.
Rs. 5000 is excellent budget to build few glasswool acoustic panels and place them in strategic points.

The two most important points are the side walls. Technically called first reflection points.
Then there are 12 corners in your room. Atleast (at least)cover 2 of them. The corner behind the speakers where sidewalls meet the front wall.

Please go through some thread in this forum on how to make such acoustic panels using glasswool. Just a word of caution, be careful while handling the materials during work in progress phase. When it is behind the fabric, there is really not much to worry about. IMHO and AFAIK, nothing will give you results anything close to glasswool. So, don't waste your time and money on other materials.