How to write Audio CD from FLAC files ?


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Dec 4, 2008
For converting into WAV, I used the tutorial on this page :-

How to burn an audio CD from .flac files in Windows - Simple Help

Tried the direct Nero route first - didnt work.

Then tried first converting to WAV thru Winamp (by using the FLAC plugin) and then burning thru Nero (instead of thru CDBurner XP Pro as mentioned on the page). Seems to work fine. Winamp converted 410MB worth of files into a 780MB CD.

Anybody has any other suggestions for FLAC to WAV conversions ?
I am looking for quality here (even at the cost of time spent or degree of difficulty).
I use Burrrrn too. Just drag the cue file into the window and burn. Doesn't get simpler!
I use Burrrrn too. Just drag the cue file into the window and burn. Doesn't get simpler!

Does Burrrn support the DTS flac files?..meaning after burning through Burrrn, does it retain DTS sound which some of the flac files contains?
I use flac front end, which converts to wav files. and then I use burn at once or nero. I use burn at once as it has good support for cd text, which works with my marantz cd player.
I have been using Flac front end for quite some time. It is extremely good and reliable for flac to WAV conversion and vice-versa. You can convert your flac files through this software and write the CD using Nero or any other audio CD burning software.

For burning audio CD's, you can download this software ... I am using this and its good.
Ashampoo Burning Studio Free - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET

Ramesh @ Bangalore
Thanks for all the techy suggestions guys.
I first used TechHead's suggestion (Nero FLAC plugin) since I am comfortable with Nero. Works like a dream. Written quite a few CDs with it. Apparently no quality issues either.
The other suggestions are for the rainy days :) (or for those who feel comfortable with those respective softwares).
Anyhow - problem solved.:yahoo:
Thanks again to all.
I downloaded this dll. But where to copy it? I use Nero 8 and i don't find any plugins directory

Copy the dll file inside the zipfile to the following directory -
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins

Works great with my version of Nero 6.
How can we burn FLAC file with 6 ch audio so that it can retain the same 6 ch sound..I have some music album which has "24 Bit/ 96 KHz / 6ch /Roughly 8,000kbps FLAC"..of 2.7 gb size..So which programme do I need to burn it on a cd ? Should I burn it on a DVD ? its a SACD flac album which does not have cue file in it..
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