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Dec 25, 2009
Hi Friends

Need help in setting up home theater..

I have Bose Acoustimass 10 speaker system bought from US ( I know Bose was wrong choice but thats what I have now :sad: )

and I have samsung series 5 LCD HDTV (LA40B550K1R)

So here is what I need..

1) A power transformer or other alternative so that I can use my Bose module..
(price not an issue, I need quality and safety)

2) A HT receiver available in Indian market to go along my Bose speaker system (price not an issue, I need less heating and good quality..something which can support Blue ray and PS3)

3) Any HDMI etc cable needed for best performance ( I am in US now, so bring back any available here....and can bring one for anyone from this forum who gives me best advice :) )

And any other best suggestion or advice on setup...

Thanks and Happy Holidays


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Apr 2, 2009
Hyd, India
Since you anyways need a 220-110v transformer (for Bose module) and are readdy to spend on a quality one, I suggest that you get the AVR also from USA if carrying it is not an issue. This will enable you to choose post audition and also will save you some serious money.

220-110v Tranformer - Search for Shah Electronics or Maxine, this has been discussed many times. Any reliable electrical supplier in your local market can also get one made to order for you.

AVR - this really depends on your "current" budget and/or "future" plans. Your music/movie preferences may not play a big role as long as you have the Bose module but will matter if you want to replace the Bose speakers with other speakers driven by the AVR alone. You could consider Denon-1910/Yamaha-665/Onkyo-607 to start with. Which AVR/pre was used with your Bose module when you auditioned it?

HDMI Cable - try BlueJeans, you may want to get some RCA-ICs, subwoofer cable and speaker cable as well for current/future use.

Setup - Once you finalize your components, cables etc, we can start discussing the room layout and setup.
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