HT-S3200 - Help needed with settings


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Jan 1, 2010

I recently purchased Onkyo HT-S3200 from Viveks for 23.5K. My room dimensions are 12ft X 16 ft. I have paired the same with Philips DVP-3388. The settings are as follows:
1. Crossover - 200
2. Audyssey - off
3. Audio Enhancer - off
4. DSP modes - I have tried all music modes
5. iPod input through AUX

The setup seems to work very good for movies. The experience seems to be very good. I am also satisfied, even though I would have loved much more, with audio CDs and audio from USB drive. I am having a hard time getting my iPod to work with the receiver through the AUX port. I am not getting the best output from the speakers. I have tried all the DSP settings. In some the voice channel is suppressed.

I do understand the HT-S3200 is not great for music. But I would like to know what are the best settings for using the HT-S3200 for music?

Please help.
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I am sorry to say that you will never get the kind of SQ you desire from the SUB sat speakers which are bundled with the Onkyo HTib, so stop worrying on that front and concentrate more on what it is good at i.e Movies. If you connect an Ipod via the headphone output then the clarity and vocals are bound to be compromised as the headphone output of an Ipod is not very good for listining to music through an amplifier, so adding a dedicated Dock from Onkyo or even apple would help to an extent on this front and the output would be boosted to some extent.
Its Htib ,so not much help.
Still you can use flat freq(equiliser)in iPod,
select music optimiser in Onk AVR.
5.1 stereo is good option OR stereo for serious listening.
Dont keep vol on ipod very high(75% only)
Crossover 80 OR 100 only.
need good spk to get good sound.
i have

My suggestion would be :
Tone>Treble +4/+6 as per your preference.
> Bass +2/+4 as per your preference.

Best audio should come in stereo mode
for 5.1 choose neo 6.

Make sure double bass is on if you are using packaged speakers.

Also, do upgrade the speaker cables if you have not done it yet.

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