I am using a davdz840k htib want upgrade

Maneesh p joseph92

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Nov 10, 2022
I know it's a cheap system but can't upgrade to avr now.and currently I am satisfied with its performance. But when I watch movies theres a slight problem.while watching Dolby digital movies sudden sound boost just coming up from LR speakers, and the center channel vocal volume is too low to hear sometimes, I have tried the settings of individual speaker and DRC but not that effective.but surround volume is effective, and no changes in left right channels if set it to -6db,+not available for LR .so my question is if upgrade my left right channels to a higher impedance speaker can I reduce the LR channel volume, I heard that higher impedance speaker in lower impedance amp will make low volume.is that true?if it is I have checked my LR channels it's coming with tweeter and a speaker paired with a capacitor so can I rewire it to increase the impedance?Or is there any device that can reduce the speaker sound independently between avr and speaker?Also i have found some used avr in online but currently I can only buy avr so if I buy one, can I use old speakers with it?is there any avr supporting 3ohm speakers? In fact when I checked the speaker with the multimeter it showedn4ohm but label is printed as 3ohm so can I?
my current speaker spec attached below


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