I desire a beowulf, but...


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Aug 7, 2008
..till then Ill settle for a speaker system in 50 - 60k range. the application is mostly music and a bit of movies; some in Div X format.

Needs opinion of the forum on the combinations that I can consider and good deals one can have in delhi/ Mumbai.


"Beowulf is an approach to building a supercomputer as a cluster of commodity off-the-shelf personal computers, interconnected with a local area network technology like Ethernet, and running programs written for parallel processing. The Beowulf idea is said to enable the average university computer science department or small research company to build its own small supercomputer that can operate in the gigaflop (billions of operations per second) range. In addition to possible cost savings, building your own supercomputer is said to be a learning investment and make you less dependent in the future on particular hardware and software vendors. As off-the-shelf technology evolves, a Beowulf can be upgraded to take advantage of it."

Now that we have delt with that part; unless ofcourse you are longing the companionship of Grendel, Geats, Danes, and other older Germanic people...:rolleyes:

Lets come to the point! When you say "speaker system" I hope you are not counting the source here. If in case you are (you mentioned DivX) then we are talking about a whole package here. It would be great if you can elaborate a bit on the specific requirments. I'm sure we'd come up with some combinations, one of which would surely impress you.

Hey, Beowulf is also a movie that has Christopher Lambert. I have not seen Christopher Lambert for a long time. The last time I saw him was when I saw the Highlander series. He was great in those movies.

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