Improving my Home Teater


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Nov 23, 2009
I am new member in this forum and I am delighted with information given by members on various subjects
I have bought a 5.1 Onkyo AV receiver (HT in Box) few years back and last year I redid my living room which I use for Viewing Movies and listening to Music. I have 46" Samsung LCD TV and did a lot of complext wiring by breaking the wall. 3 HDMI and 3 component cables are buries inside the wall.
My AV has following inputs. Bluray, Samsung Bubble DVD Player, World Space Radio. One lead for IPod, One for Tata Sky and ofcourse one for a custome built PC. I have also changed the speaker to Bose speakers (Book Shelf speaker for L and R) a center speaker and two small one for Surround Sound. I did not know Bose is such a favourite amoung forum members (ha ha ha this is a huge embarassment) though they get lot of 'WOWs' from visitors.
I have following questions
I am using Otical cable for connecting Bluray, PC and Tata Sky as my AVR does not have HDMI inputs. I have connected these with HDMI to TV. The advantage is I can listen/watch from TV even if the AV receiver is switched off. Do I have to change my AV receiver so that I can use HDMI inputs for all these
Though I am reasonably happy with the sound, I feel that I am missing something esp when I watch movies in Bluray, I feel I am missing somehthing in Audio. If I have to change the AV what should I go for? Or should I junk the whole stuff (Speakers and AV) and buy new one. The other problem is since I live in a flat I dont have a dedicated Home Theater. My living room is 'L' shaped so I can not completely close the HT viewing area. Also there are 2 huge french windows and the grills rattle if i increase the volume or with High Bass.
I am not able to connect my HMV TT (old one) to AVR. The sound reproduction is bad. I have good collection of LPs and I am using a pair of creative speakers and Subwoofer to listen fm Turn Table. Pro FX is suggesting that I should put a Denon TT with a Phono In. Will this help?
Pleases suggest what i can I do to improve my HT experience
Sorry for writing a long post
Many thanks
Ramesh (rachnaram)
You need good AVR,say Denon 1910 OR Onk 607 which has good power & can do justice to your setup.
Secondly Onk old HTIB use to come with passive sub,which can be another issue.
Since you have a complete system setup, you can upgrade one at a time. As suggested the first unit to upgrade the AVR. You can add Marantz 5004 / 6004 to the denon 1910 and onkyo 607 to check out. Marantz 6004 I would recommend as it is good with music and movies + it is iPod and Bluetooth compatible. Also it has the best looks with a clean facia, curves etc...(this will also attract WOWs as the Bose does ;):clapping:)

Next you should target your speakers, upgrading the fronts to start with followed by centre, sub and surrounds. As you upgrade speakers, you can use the old AVRs with the Bose in another setting.
Many thanks to the forum for some good advice. I think I will go with Marantz 6004. If I want to integrate a Turn Table which will complete my system which models should I look at?
Tks for some great advice again
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