Infocus X9 - where to buy?


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Oct 31, 2008
Hi ,

I am considering purchasing the Infocus X9 projector. I was not able to find any resellers in india for this brand/model when i googled. Please let me know of any resellers for X9 in Hyderabad/bangalore/chennai and Cost?

I could find a reseller for Optoma HD65 in Hyd but after reading lot of reviews of X9 in various forums, i am inclined for X9.
80k for an X9, gosh that's way too expensive,

chaxy, i think you should not jump into buying the same right away, just wait and hold on once its available easily u may be able to get a better pricing for the same .

In US the same is costing around 1090$, that comes up to around 53k Indian rupees.
Yes i agree its way too exp now considering that HD 65 is quite cheap (around 55-60k). Probably as you have said, its because the X9 is very new in the market. I have deferred my decision to mar-apr 09 time and hope to see some improvement in price and also my penthouse remodeling for the HT.

Coming to the pj itself, i have seen the x9 in action and its just awesome. comparatively the HD 65 is similar in pic quality but as the X9 has 1800 ansi lumens which is brighter by an inch.

I will however keep this thread updated when i do get more info. Hope you guys will also do the same considering that this X9 is an awesome budget 720p pj.
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