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Jun 11, 2009
Hi my name is bharucha, from mumbai,
i would like to purchase a good sound system for my place.
i have been doing the rounds lately and reading many reviews online for the below mentioned AVR's.
dennon 1909
Yamaha 663, 763
onkyo 606
harmon Kardon 355

as ive been browsing your forums, you guys are super helpful and really provide alot of info on a person to person case/requirement.

if you guys could take up my case and give me some feedback and tips.
my buget is max 60 to 70K topss, (a bit more if u think its required ill push and squeeze but only if u highly recommend it )
i 95% of times listen to techno music-armin, markus and alike
i love watching movies so would defintely welcome a good punch from the movie effects, i have a sony simple dvd player/mp3 about 7 yrs old, does not support hdmi would upgrade ina yr or two,

could you also suggest a good speaker system that would fit in this budget
i went over to the Harmon/ JBL shop at atria mall worli the guy is trying his best to convince me to buy the 355 Harmon kardon and JBl infinity speaker set, i did like the JBL speakers

i have also gone over to the desinger audio shop at tardeo where i auditioned the dennon and warfdale speakers , which was quite impressive

then there was another show room @ chowpatty which housed the ONKYO, honestly i was not impressed( sorry ) unless he dint have a good configration set up, because for all the reviews that are online on cnet, crave all go all out for the onkyo 606

so, people please help me out
my email id is [email protected]

also im sure you all would know of some good dealers in mumbai and who are reliable, if you could please be kind enough to give me contact details

Many thanks in advance to all of you that help me out as well as to every one who has given such valubale inputs in all the other threads


ps, the hall is where i would set it up, which is of a decent size but only one area would be dedictaed to the system
many thanks

Well one of the best VFM packages I've seen recently is the Yamaha 663 and the Q-Acoustics 1010i 5.1 setup. It's really very good for movies and quite good for music too. Should come in your budget (or a bit more). Later on you can add a couple of FS to make it more musical if you need, but this package should keep you happy.
thank you so much for ure promt response , greatly appreciate it,
any further suggestions, most welocme,


Also try the Sony STR-DG820 and the relatively more expensive Sony STR-DA2400ES or Yamaha DSP-AX763 receivers mated with the Q-Acoustics 1010i speakers.
Hi, keith

Let me start of by thanking you for your inputs. secondly i am very open to try out sony but where can i locate a dealer for the same. as well as for the Q-Acoustics 1010i speakers, where can i get them from, The yamaha avr , designer audio does stock it
if you have some dealers in mind please let me know
thanking you very much

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