Is Home Trial possible in India?


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Dec 7, 2007

The demos at the dealer's demo-room leave much to be desired and the actual results really differ significantly.

We need to have home trials. I understand that this is the normal practice in International for a 30 day home trial.

I am not sure what is the practice in India.

Please advice me whether this is possible. If yes, Please advice how I should obtain this.


Indeed in many a demo rooms a lot of acoustic treatement is done with host of other factors, by which the actual results differ.

In India, home trials, it is like a dream, even in their demo rooms many of them will give demo for not more than 15 minutes, and they want you to decide which one you want to buy, and the demos will be also for not more than 2 brands, so this is the sorry state, there could be dealers which are very good, but I and my friends have yet to see one.

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Many thanks for your response. The situation is exactly as I feared.

Here, I have two constructive thoughts. I request your opinion and also from the other experts here...

1. Can't we force the Brands to give hometrials? We can write to them about this. Because, all of them promise this at their web sites as part of a deal. I am not sure whether this will work as "home trial" option may be a dealer-thing here..

2. Is there any hifi users association here in India like abroad? We need to force the Industry a better customer friendly options and educating the public.


Hi to all,
To my knowledge almost none of the dealers really give home demos. Of course as u develop a relationship u could take a few things home and try out.

I have done that for all the stuff i have bought here in bombay. Right from speakers to amps and cables (which are anyway given to try).

I guess the culture here is a little different maybe its got a little to do with the volumes they do or maybe just basic lack of trust.

I totally second vinay on the quality of some of the dealers here. They have no clue but then again i rarely rely on their judgement.

If u are worried about compatability of the components am sure people here would be only too glad to share their knowledge with u.


Thanks for your reply. I sure feel the same way.

My reason for a home-trial request is not based on "compatability" issues.

But, this is based on my experience with the spakers and the HIFI system I intend to have.

Let us face it! Almost all hi-fi components in India are bought without any trial or demo. The simulated short-minute demos are of no use, but actually mis-lead. I actually pity those hapless customers who listen to great sound in the dealers shop but are shocked to see that they do not get it at home. It is the fault of the dealers that they don't assess the room-size and other acoustics before selling their gear.



There will be not more than 5% of the people as lucky as you, who can take the system home for checking it out, and indeed you are also very lucky that you do not have to rely on the judgement of the dealers because of your vast knowledge on av equipments.

Indeed there are many people like you on this site, who can guide people on selecting the equipments., I am very proud of you people being around, keep it up.


Its long way to go to get what intl customers get in terms of customer service. Dealers/Distributors don't even stock items here. I had to wait for 2 months for my sub to be delivered. You rarely have demo rooms here. Increase in sales hence increase in competion among dealers/distributors (mostly you have only one distributor for the whole country) should lead to better customer service.

Hifi user association - not a bad idea, we should try something. Complaining to the manufacturers might also could help to some extent I guess.
Silent Sound,

Indeed it is decades to go, to be at par with customer service and related, but the way our economy is booming, maybe within a decade, we could be at par with the international services.

In reference to the latest models or all the models, not being around, is quite a issue, that is why I say, one should do their best to get the things from abroad, but that is viable only if you want to spend big monies for a very good system with the accessories, as then only the traveling will be viable.

I have seen 2/3 demo room?s in Mumbai which are quite good, but than what you say is right, there are hardly any demo room?s.

Indeed the international manufacturers themselves are not fully aware of the problems, suggestions, etc, because the dealers keep them in dark and related, like in one of the case I pointed out to the denmark manufacturer that his screen is being offered by a dealer at 1,75,000/-, while someone else is selling for 1,45,000/-, so it is the responsibility of someone, that such a price difference should not occur.

About the demo room I will like to tell you something interesting, I saw a demo room which was very good, I wanted to make my theatre exactly like that, so I told the dealer that I will buy the equipments from you only, if you connect me to the interior guy, who made your demo room, first he said no, than I told him I will not give you the business, than he agreed, with a lot of phone calls, still the dealer did not bring the interior guy, finally he bought him, he took the measurements of the room and related, during the course of the talks, I realized that he has not made the demo room of the dealer, so I cross questioned both of them a few things, and to my horror, he was not the same interior guy who had made the demo room, so you can imagine what kind of a dealer he was, and at the end of the day I am pleased to tell you that the way my mini theatre has shaped up, it is around 75% better than the demo room of the dealer.

About the users forum, it is a great idea, but with this site hifi, our job is being done to quite a extent, I feel that this site should charge all of us, we are benefiting in such a big way.


Your reply made some interesting observations and facts.

This posed some queries inside me. Why is it sooo difficult in India to obtain a good interior sound engineering acoustics man?

If I need one, How do we go about finding one?

Can you offer some help.



I have found extremely difficult to get a good acoustics consultant, on this forum I have said that I came across a person, from a very branded shop who sells only av equipments, he says that he wants 25,000/- bucks for consultancy on acoustic treatement, can you belive it?

I came across another person, who said he will give me the consultancy on acoustic treatement, and he will arrange the carpenters to do the work, he said that will be 2,50,000/- (Two lac fifty thousand only), I got the same thing done for 75,000/- bucks.

I needed acoustic tiles for the ceiling, there was this guy who quoted me two times more price, that too the brand was not a leading one, finally I got the tiles at a much cheaper price and that too from the number one brand.

All the above adverser people are connected to the AV industry, so you can see what are we into. As usual there may be good people, but how many are there? Even on this site, there are people who have told me that they have had bad experiences and related.

I can share with you many such experiences of the foul people which I came across.

Finally I got some very good advice from one guy who used to work with the AV Max, magazine, he used to handle the testing of new launches of av products, and he had a good knowledge on acoustics, he and his friend, both at av max helped me a lot, and there was a lot of in-direct help by the editor of av max magazine.

If you need a acoustic consultant, than I can assure you, that most of them are going to be a nightmare, atleast that is what has been my experience, this view has been shared by my contacts too.

Indeed I can offer you help for whatever you need to know.

Thank you very much for hearing me out.

Not sure about other places but it is possible in Bangalore, atleast in my experience.
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Dear Vinay,
Hope u are not pulling my leg? haha no worry. U know i am now 40 and have always had decent systems(money permitting). My knowledge on the "V" part of AV is pretty poor as it does not interest me. I just love listening to music on a two channel set up.

And over the years have made a few mistakes which i would have avoided if i could share my thoughts on forums like these or from friends who knew a thing or two. And even now i only buy from very few dealers who i know so basically i only buy the stuff they sell. I know it sounds square but u know parsi's are crazy and should be in museums. Haha.

There will be not more than 1% who will give a home demo, if one does not belive this, than come with me, I will show the ground realities, let us go to ten show rooms, let me see who gives a home demo. Indeed you were very lucky that they gave you a home demo, it is very nice to come across a rarest of rare case, wish there were many more.

It will be foolish if one would say that all are cut throat and related, all we are saying is many of them are bad, based on the various reasoning’s mentioned in this forum by many of them.
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Dear Friend,

I am in no way pulling your leg, I know you have a decent knowledge, I have seen your writing?s on this forum, I will say that you are lucky to have the knowedlge and I appreciate the efforts which you put in.

Indeed everyone makes mistakes, even I make mistakes, but you know there are some people, if there are small mistakes they will make a very big noise, and guess what there are people to support them, for some unfounded interest.

Since you are based in Mumbai, you must come some time to my place to see my mini theatre, which has been covered extensively by magazines, yesterday also there was a shoot at my place by the magazine.

Best Regards
Hi all,
Thanks Vinay for the compliments and the invite. Will come for sure.

As regards this thread i feel its up to us the end consumer to be well aware of everything one is buying and if one is not satisfied or convinced with the demo provided should insist on a better way to evaluate the component. Problem is we get swayed by the sales talk / print outs of the favourable reviews in various magazines and just go ahead and buy the product which to my mind is a gamble.

Being a Broker at the BSE i prefer to do my gambling there and not in my audio components. Haha regards to all.

Indeed what you say is right, my theatre was for a very long time in making, because there were many of them on various counts were not good people, so i saw to it, that i get the right equipments and related, now at the end of the day i am happy with the way things have shaped up. In-fact i believe that the owners of this site are great people, because so many of them have got great knowledge on av products, and we get a chance to hear their views.

Indeed for gambling, the best place is the stock and commodities market, in general people thing casino is the mother of all gambling, what they do not know, casino is a peanut, compared to the gambling and related which takes place in stocks and commodities.

I will look forward for your visit to my house.
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