Jamo C 607 vs. MA RS 6


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Nov 21, 2006

I have gone through all discussions relating to Jamos. Could not find much of discussion around them though.

I have auditioned both Jamo C 607 and Monitor Audio RS6. I am considering it as part of the 5.1 package. I have listened to both in a span of over 3-4 weeks. When I heard them, both of them sounded great. Not able to make up my mind. Any experiences, suggestions here? I like the looks of 607 and specifications of RS6. Should sensitivity (89 in 607 and 91 in RS6) be a consideration? Btw, this selection is the first part of my HiFi/HT journey. Appreciate your help.

As with most of people here, my main interest would be for Music (80%) and the rest for Sky/DVD.

Thank you!

What equipment will you be using them with (cd, dvd, amp, av receiver)? Also what kind of listening space will this be in (dimensions)?
Listening room is about 17'x16'. I intend to use it with a good universal player to begin with (may be a dedicated CDP later, if I am not happy) and a good A/V receiver.
Both are good acclaimed speakers. Out of the two Jamo would be a little hard to drive. So you should keep that in mind. For Jamo you would need a better amp.

I'd suggest re-demo in a span of a few days and carry your own CDs for audition. That way you can judge better.

Also, you should not let the specs affect your final decision. Specs are meant to be indicators. And they need not be true either. Different companies use a different degree of honesty in publishing specs.
Thanks for the suggestion ranjeetrain!

Has anybody in this forum owns jamo? I am interested to know their views!

I ecently purchased C 607 it sounds good with pioneer AX4 amp
and produces nice bass
only one thing to consider your c607 should be 2 feet away from wall
eats some space
voice clarity also very good
initially i was fearing to put 3 way to a 16 feet/14 feet hall
it didnot produce any boomy sounds but in the end nice speaker iam satisfied
also i think pioneer mcacc may help
Thanks Vungtau!

That was pretty useful information! Did you have any issues with it's sensitivity being 89db? I would love to visit you in case you're in Bangalore!

i live in chennai
iam not that much technically strong enough to
comment on those issues
any way my amp has enough power at 6 0hm 180 watts pioneer AX4 ASI S
its handling well at stereo good
and movie explosionsin 5.1 with out subwooferalso i checked ,its handling low frequencywell
since i have connected presently a low jamo E4sub.1 its a150 W

Im from Bangalore. I Have auditioned 607 in e-Zone in Koramangale. It really sounds good. The HF data are very clear and bass is very deep. I never had a look over MA RS 6. But Jamo are rocking.
I have the older E855 which is the last gen. Having heard the C6 series, I feel the E8 series even though older is significantly better. Might be cheaper as well. If you want a demo my system (in a typical untreated indian living room and not a showroom), please PM me. My electronics chain is McCormack DNA125 Power Amp, Lyrita Audio Valve Pre, Citypulse DA7.2x DAC and EMU 0404 computer transport.

I've heard the MA RS6 with bryston electronics at audiopeople in chennai. I was not impressed.
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I have been considering these same two speakers as well and have been searching for months trying to find reviews of the Jamo C 607s and have had very little luck. The Monitor Audio's however have gotten a tremendous amount of coverage in a number of magazines and web forums (all very very good btw). I live in a rural area and it is difficult for me to schedule the time to drive the hour and half necessary for me to audition this speakers (although I certainly hope to do so before I make a final decision/purchase). So I was hoping to get some opinions from someone who has listened to and compared both of these speakers.

The OP said he liked the sound of both speakers pretty much equally, but preferred the look of the Jamos. I like the look of the Jamos better as well. My question is that even though you liked the sound of both of them, how did they differ. Was one better in the mid range? Did one handle bass better? Which was the brighter of the two or which was more laid back? How about the overall musicality of the speaker; was one better with moives soundtracks? How about soundstage and imaging, which did you think performed better in that category? I will be using them for movies some (40%), but my primary interest is two channel music (45-50%), and DVD (and Blu-ray) concert video/multi-channel music (10-15%), so the soundstage, imaging, and overall musicality of the speaker are of the up most importance. I realize that much of the criteria is subjective, but I would like to get your thoughts and opinions anyway.

Thanks in advance.

I do not know if I can respond in these terms, nevertheless I can talk about my experience.

Stereo: Jamo certainly did have a better and controlled bass. Mids I found were fairly equal. Highs were better in MA.

HT: I really liked the Jamo's far better than the MA setup.

After I auditioned Jamos once again, I tending towards it. Power handling capacity of Jamos (150-180) is an additional factor that's influencing my decision in favour of Jamos. I did not find any other Speakers in this range that can I consider seriously. Hope this helps!

currently my floor-standing speakers Jamo C607 is powered by Onkyo A-9555, source of music : Rotel RCD -02 , HTPC and Sabre USB DAC. It all sounds very good, but I was wondering which stereo amplifier recommend that speakers really show what they can do.


A beautiful, well-constructed speaker with class-leading soundstage, imaging and bass that is fast, deep, and precise.