Jamo S606 HCS3 married to Marantz SR 4003


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Mar 10, 2009

This is my first post.I am Chennai.For quite some time i have been an active listener and i admire the enthusiasm around which this forum revolves.

Well, i am now looking at buying Jamo S606 HCS3 speakers married to Marantz SR 4003 for abt 80K.I need to know if this Marantz receiver is a good choice or should i opt for Onkyo SR 606 or something from yamaha.Mentioned my budget is between 80k to 100k.

can anybody suggest from where i can get better deals in Chennai

i appreciate your valuable suggestions.

thx :)
You have not mentioned how important movies are to you in comparison with music. For 80K you can do better with a specialized music system which can also double up as your movie system - albeit without surround sound.

Or you can go for an AVR powered system and make better choices - read bookshelves even for a complete home theatre system. Some options that open up in that budget are:

Monitor Audio Bronze BR2
PSB Alpha B1 or Image B15/B25
Wharfedale Diamond 9 series
EPOS ELS series. (The M series is fantastic but it might exceed your budget)
Mordaunt Short Avant
Mordaunt Short Mezzo (bookshelf)

I have heard Jamo with Marantz and quite like that combination. In my opinion there are better speakers than the S606 that Jamo can offer - especially in the Concert series. Somebody in this forum mentioned that the Concert series floorstander (C405, if I am not mistaken) was available for 29K. If so, that would be a fantastic bargain.

Dealers in Chennai include Promusicals, Grand Cinema, Decibel, Home Taalkies, Audio People and Cressida AV Zone.
Thanks vortex,

Sorry i did not mention my requirements.

I am looking for a home theater system for my living room which is 400 sq feet.It is for both music and movies.First i thought of going for energy classic or mirage nano sat, but then some one told me that satellite speakers wont give enough punch.That is why i decided to go for floor standing speakers.

Reg. the price the speakers that i mentioned was quoted 40K at cinebells.The concert one was quoted as 1.2 lak.

I think now you have a better picture of what i am looking for.Your valuable suggestion is appreciated.
Well, the earlier suggestions still hold good. Basically you would have to apportion your budget as between receivers and speakers. If you spend something like 30K for your receiver then you will have 50K left over which is good. But if you go for a more expensive receiver then you have less left over for speakers.

My suggestion would be to concentrate on the speakers and get a fairly powerful, feature rich receiver for the budget that is left over after the speaker selection.

For floorstanders at that price I would suggest Acoustic Enegy Aegis Neo 3.
Hi Vortex,

It looks like i am lost somewhere here.It will be better if i contact you by phone to get more clarity.My contact number is 044 - 42664646.If you are in chennai that will be more helpful.Please do drop in ur contact info.Hope it is not against the thread rules.

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