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Apr 12, 2008

JL Audio Fathom f113 , f112 , Gotham g213 Officially Available with full install and service back up from JL Audio.

The Products are the best in class with many awards to their credit.

Some Links:

JL Audio

JL Audio: Products

Contact : Murarie , Falcon Systems , Coimbatore.

Phone : 09843152959 , email : murarie123 at rediffmail.com
Suniil will be happy to know about this. :)

Mighty subs they are.
Rikhav! you know me :)

Murarie, are these custom built with 230v power supply? and are you sourcing directly from JL audio or via Barry?

I'm very keen to discuss further


Suniil will be happy to know about this. :)

Mighty subs they are.

Your vodaphone number is busy :)
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I went through the site 5 times to find out are these subs custom built and which is the new 230 model
Then you edited your post. Maybe a typo by you. Then i understood "230 v power supply" so it can be used in india
I was confsued for last 5 mins

And i sure know your love for BASS
Yes , they are 230V export voltage and they are from Barry.

I guess anyone who is "addicted" to bass will not be happy with anything less.:D

I have heard almost all hi end subs like the DD series from Velodyne , REL etc
and only the Revel Sub 30 comes close to the f113 and it is almost double the price.
Hello Murarie
I like to appreciate your effort of getting such hi end audio brands to India. JL audio subs are sure every penny worth their price but still we cant deny that at that price bracket there wont be many takers

And one more important thing I feel is according to me is that you need to have your own bungalow or raw house to have such a mighty sub. Staying in a flat, you wont be able to use the sub to its potential

And there is not much awareness as well. I wont deny the fact that I never knew about JL Audio and its products until I cam in contact with Suniil and Sreekanth
I know it is a hi end product but when the market is ready for 30,000$ electronics like Halcro, i dont see a problem in selling them at the price i am doing now......

I just recently got a confirmed order for the 12,000$ Gotham g213:D
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