LFAU for Mission 767

I realize this post is over a year old,
I must know, do you still have the 767's.
I have four of them now and would like to
know if you would be willing to let yours go.
I live in New York,USA
If your still having trouble running the bass units I can help you.
Thank you
Realize this is an ancient thread, I'm hoping to revive though.

I've had a pair of 767s for about 8 years now. The seller claimed the LFAU and PSX worked when he sent them to me. The LFAU was damaged in shipment and the carrier paid for it to go to Cyrus in England to be fixed. However, I've never been able to get them to work separately or together.

What I've resorted to is bi-amping with one amp going to the LF and the other amp bi-wired to the MF and HF. This has seemed to work quite well, nothing has ever been broken I don't think but I've often wondered if I was missing out on something.

So saratrebor if you have some experience I would greatly appreciate it.
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