LG PQ60 Vs LG PQ70


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Jul 27, 2009
I am trying to understand the difference between these two models. Is it only BT addition or some other trade-offs are present ? Typically when would one use BT features ? LG website comparison sucks. Help from users and experts needed.
AFAIK there is no difference in picture quality. PQ70 has BT & two speakers extra. so you will get better connectivity and sound. I have PQ70 and sometimes used to connect my mobile through BT to see snaps. price-wise there should be around 2k difference. you wont be disappointed with the PQ anyway
I don't know why they released three models PQ30, PQ60 and PQ70 with such minor differences in features and even more minor difference in price so soon after one another.

I bought the PQ60 thinking it was the latest product, and 1 month later they released the PQ70!! I would have definitely gone for the PQ70 if I had that option.

Anyone would want the added feature of bluetooth connectivity in their TV for 1-2K extra when they are already spending in the region of 40K.

So IMHO they should just stop PQ30 and PQ60 and just sell the PQ70.
I think releasing different model on same hardware has business sense than common sense. With the same set of hardware LG is leveraging three different products, whereas the development cost for all three products would be only one.
Typically when would one use BT features ?

BT would be useful if, for e.g., you're watching a late night movie or sports, and some members of the household are sleeping/studying. You get a BT headset and then you can enjoy the show at full volume but the loud noises do not disturb anyone else.

This would be the most useful feature of having BT on your TV, in my opinion. It has other uses too of course, like if you have some music on your BT-enabled phone and want to hear it through the TV speakers.
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How is the SD Picture Quality on the PQ70 compared to PV8?

i had to believe my eyes.. i compared PV8 and PQ60 side by side with tatasky, BD input and some DVD rips i had. i had both the remotes to fiddle with the settings. Yes !! i found PQ60 gives better picture. especially shadow details.
i remember one clear difference when i compared ripples on water, it was clearer on PQ60. that was with HD signal.
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