linux mint pc as streamer


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Mar 12, 2017
i have installed linux mint 20.04on my desktop which is my main pc.connected it to marantz pm 6007 via opt out.can i use my pc as a streamer to stream from music apps like apple music or tidal from
my iphone to the pc
You can setup your linux pc as a airplay receiver (shairplay) and stream music from your iphone using airplay and set audio out to optical in your pc.
Get Pi4, install Volumio on it and you have got yourself a full-blown streamer. You can also install Volumio on your PC but it's Debian-based. That said, before you take the 2nd route, make sure your other applications support Debian in case you use the same PC for other work as well.
I also use Linux Mint as my primary desktop pc. although I've come around to using raspberry pi w/ Moode audio and find it to be a superior alternative for a number of reasons. Moode itself is a distro of debian like Mint btw, but it uses much less power and I don't have to think about when the UPNP or Airplay server is "live". I can mod the rpi easily with digi hat/dacs and even with the basic USB output I know that my DAC (and in your case the pm6007 internal DAC) is not being bypassed. In case you still want to use to pc as the base, I noticed for spotify at least if you run the desktop client, you can control it via your mobile with spotify connect. This doesn't work with Tidal however, which doesn't have a Linux desktop client that I know of.
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