Looking for a good Home theatre system within 30-35K

Would you buy a Receiver & Speakers or a Home theatre in Box

  • A receiver with a 5.1 speaker system

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  • A complete Home theatre system in a box

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Jun 18, 2007
I looking for a home theatre system with budget of Rs.30-35K. I have checked a new launch called "master blaster" from Onkyo. I also tried combination of Denon Receiver 1507 and yamaha 5.1 speakers.

I am confused about how purchase--- HT in a box or a receiver and 5.1 speakers separate......

And also please guide about the brands for each of them
I have gone through the same grind in the recent past. Taking into consideration the budget allotted I would recommend you to one listen to the combination of Onkyo AV receiver (304) with the Cinema Sat 1 speakers of Elac from Germany with Onkyo 230 subwoofer. This is a combination that can work for around 38-39K. Its indeed fabulous and scores more in every regard to conventional HTIB.

If you don't mind spending that little extra, go for it. But ensure that you buy good speaker and interconnect wire. Cabling is very important for good sound.
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