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Manually adjusting Crossover Frequency on Denon 2309

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New Member
Sep 22, 2008
Hi Friends,

My home theater setup includes the following:-

Denon 2309 AV/Receiver (100 W RMS/channel)
Quad 12 L2 Front Left/Right (100 W RMS)
Quad L2 Center (100 W RMS)
Quad 11 L2 Surround Left/Right (90 W RMS)
Definitive SuperCube III SubWoofer (650W Digitally Switching)
PS3 for BlueRay/Games
Sony DVD Player with HDMI

Going thru the settings on the Denon 2309, I came across settings for Crossover Frequency under Speaker Setup. If I go to the advance option, we can set the Crossover frequency separately for each speaker and SubWoofer.

By default these frequencies are set to 80 Hz.

What I understand from the docs is that this frequency is for low range bass sounds. If I increase the crossover frequencies, what would be the effect?

- Would there be more bass sound from the Front /Rear speakers?
- The highest range is 250Hz that is configurable on the Denon, will my speakers support it?

The crossover frequency mentioned on Quad Speaker manual says 2.2 Khz.
http://www.quad-hifi.co.uk/downloads/L2 Brochure 03-07 low res.pdf

Definitive sub specs says:-
SuperCube III Specifications:
Dimensions: 10-1/4" W x 10-1/4" D x 10-1/4" H
Frequency Response: 16 Hz ?? 200 Hz
Driver Complement: One 7-1/2" long-throw driver to two 7-1/2" pressure-driven infrasonic bass radiators.
Amplifier: 650 watt Digitally Switching
Low-Level High Pass: 40Hz ?? 150Hz (variable) 12dB per octave
Speaker Level High Pass: 80 Hz (6 dB per octave)
Low Level Low Pass Filter: 24dB/octave continuously adjustable variable (40 ?? 150 Hz) plus Unfiltered LFE direct coupled input.
Phase Control: 0 degrees ?? 180 degrees (continuously variable)
Finish: Piano gloss black
Weight: 40 lbs.
Suggested Retail: $699 ea.

I want to confirm this from expert who deals with Home Theater setups or has good knowledge on this subject.

Thanks a lot