Marantz pm7001 integrated amplifier


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Oct 18, 2008
Please inform whether Marantz Pm7001 Integrated Amplifier available now if so where
PM 7001 has been replaced by PM7003 , Have heard both and PM 7001 sounded good to me. I doubt any one has Old stock of PM 7001 , I think you have some dealers for Marantz in AP . The Distributor is Refex Pro Acoustics in Chennai.
For the money, PM7001 is hard to beat, and i like the sonic character of this amp. If you can get your hands on this old model, money well spent.

As said, Refex Pro Act. in Chennai are dealers, why not call them and find out if any stocks left. Used 7001 is also well worth the money.

Phone: 044-42124481 , 044-42124483
@ Vinod - Sorry am hijacking this thread but have to ask a question regarding PM7001.

I have the following options:
1. Buy a SR4003 for $400
2. Buy a PM7001 for $450

Both items ship free and come to me in India via someone i know. So the above is the net cost.

I plan to use the amplifier for music (internet radio / mp3) initially as well as use it for movies using a sat+sub combination (2 bookshelves as front + subwoofer).

So, would one be better than the other? I really am looking for more satisfyign sound rather than large number of speakers. I have only listened to SR3001 and loved it (with Jamo floorstanders).

thanks in advance - please let me know as early as you can.

- Vaibhav
hi Jai can u send me the contact info with phone num of the dealer who can give pm7001 for 22k thanks.

also any comparison between sr4003 and pm7001?


1. For pure stereo, nothing can beat PM7001. period.
2. Since you also intend to throw in some movies between your music, get the receiver. period.
3. What your ears liked and your heart says. do it. period.

That's as point-blank answer that i can give :)
I picked it up from Viola Home Theater in Andheri West

Contact info from their website:
Viola home theater systems
redefine audio pvt ltd.

shop 1707, bldg 43, shramik society
opp d n nagar police chowiki, d n nagar road
andheri (west) mumbai 400 063
maharashtra, india

ph : 022 2 623 1112 / 98210 64536 / 98199 53604
fax : 022 2 612 1112
email : [email protected]

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