Marantz SR301 or Denon 1507, where to buy in delhi


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Sep 11, 2006
HI All,
even though i am a regular visitor to the posts, long since i posted anything, can you please suggest which AV receiver would be better
A Marantz SR301 or Denon 1507. My requirement is good quality audio and a fair setup for movies. i have torvin 5.1 speakers with me, will buy some floorstanders soon.

Also please suggest if any other better options are there, i am ready to spend around 20k for the AV receiver.

Also if someone could suggest where in delhi i can get best prices for Denon and Marantz.

thanks and regards
HI all,
not even a single reply :( ... Maybe i can reframe my question as follows, would it be wise to go for A Denon in place of Marantz, at the allocated budget i can only go for a startup 5.1 receiver in case of Marantz(i.e. SR301) with THD rating like 10% at rated power into 6 Ohms , whereas with denon i can try for a 7.1 Amp as well with features like HDMI good THD ratings like 0.08 at rated power into 8 Ohms. Please suggest which one to go for.

Thanks in advance
You could get Marantz and Denon both from

Pro Acoustics,
18A, Khan Market, New Delhi
Ph: 24618464

And from Danny (9999016124)in Dwarka sector 4 market (Im not sure of the exact address and the name of the shop), He is the authorized Marantz dealer.

Additionally the Gizmos at the various malls in and around Delhi have Denon.

Hope this helps.


I will prefer 1507 as it is award winner & work perfectly for mov & music both.
Marz. also are good but sometimes dont work as better as Denon.They are musical.

Other option can be Onkyo for same price & more power than these two for mov.Onkyo606 is for 36k which has all lattest HD codecs too.It is award winner too.

So take audition & agree to your taste.

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