MiniWatt Tube Amplifier

Re: Review: MiniWatt Tube Amplifier

Thanks for the great review! I stay in delhi & am thinking of picking up this amp. How much duty did you end up paying for it? Hope you didn't have to go through any customs hassles...
This is one of the best reviews I have read in a long time. Very nicely done, thank you. The temptation is simply too strong to resist this 'man-toy', and I could easily end up buying their S1 Limited Edition (3.5w/ch) at $299+$40.

I am given to understand that ALOAudio (US distributors) is offering an upgrade for the existing Chinese pairs of 6J1 and 6P1 tubes (matched pairs of Western Electric 403B mini pentodes and Sovtek power tubes) at a cost of approx $40. I think you should give this upgrade a try. The treble rating of 4/5 is bound to go up, and that's where this upgrade is targeted. And God knows where your average rating of 26.5/30 will end up...! Thanks, again.
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