Mordaunt Short 908i + Bose Acoustimas 5


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Jun 19, 2009
First of thanks to reading and spending time here i decided to buy the MS Avant 908i floorstanders. i think they sound great with my Denon 1909. i was planning on getting the MS alumini 2 as my satellites and was debating the subwoofer. yesterday my cousin called to say he didn't need his Acoustimas 5 stereo speakers + sub bought 3 months back and if I wanted it.

Now here's my question. How will these sound as surround speakers along with the Bose acoustimas subwoofer as a combo with my MS 908i for my home theater. I will still get the Mordaunt Short Alumini center.

I know people hate Bose around here but it may save me 20-30K+ i really like their compact size and looks for my living area :)

Let me add this - I dont mind spending the extra bit to get my MS Alumini package if it will be significantly better
bose aren't bad speakers. you get speakers worse than them. its just that they're bad for the price you pay. so it depends on what price youre getting them at compared to what you can get for the same price. or what your budget is.
Bose AM5 is considered as a Stereo speakers and though it can be used for a surround , I will suggest you to look for a Mordaunt short surround so it will match with rest of your set up.
would it really make much of a difference if it is stereo speaker? Will the Mordaunt Short Alumni surrounds be significantly better than the Bose accoustimass 5. also am wondering if the subwoofer on the Accoustimass will be good enough to match the MS 908i
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