Movie appears in b/w


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Jan 27, 2008
A bit amusing to narrate. I got home a DVD movie from a rental shop. The DVD seemed like a copy of the original hindi movie and was perhaps used for renting. Then I played it on my dvd player (pioneer dv 400), which is connected to my old reliable BPL CRT TV. For some reason, I see b/w. The cable connections are all correct. Any setups I should do in the DVD player ?
A regular DVD (like my home video) or VCDs (bought originally) come up nicely in color. Is it because of the copied DVD which I should not be renting ?
I am pretty confused.

Well, since your regular DVDs/VCDs play alright, the fault has to lie in the rented DVD-must be really shoddy quality.
Try to find a rental shop that stocks original DVDs-at least you'll get your moneys' worth.

Ashok the reason apart from the already said could be a basic one :p !!

If the DVD is not camera print or anything then, please check the following :

1. Tv is capable of taking multi system (PAL&NTSC)
2. In the DVD player the output is set to multi aswell
3. The dvd if its english or hindi which ever it is whether any details available of the disc !

Please make sure you have set the player to output both the PAL&NTSC ! also the Tv is capable of taking it :p!

This should 100% solve the problem ;) !

Just to close this loop, it turns out my TV (BPL) is not capable of taking both NTSC and PAL. That is the reason for this. So, once I have some savings I will go with a new TV.


Just to close this loop, it turns out my TV (BPL) is not capable of taking both NTSC and PAL.

Ashok let rephrase the sentence ! it is not capable of taking multisystem mainly NTSC ! otherwise it creates a confusion as any TV in india will take PAL !

Anyway thats what I thought so and hence recommended you to check on that !

Best of the luck with the new purchase (whenever that happens)

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