MUSIC SYSTEM under 25 k


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Oct 6, 2008
hai friends i have just joind in ... bought a spark recently LS performance is superb now i need a music system that my neighbour should envy..
i need a HU, subwoofer more then 150 rms at least 12 inches and more Rear 6 x 9 co xial Front 4 inch component and a powerfull amplifier the system i have shortlisted is as follows:-
1. HU pioneer 6050 or any other better deal in this range (suggest)

2. JBL GTO 937 rear coaxial 6 x 9 (300) watts

3. front speakers not yet decided but i need component ones.
4. amplifier is JBL or kenwood channel(how many) should be sufficent and watts?
5 subwoofer 12 inches at least 150 rms which one is better pioneer or sony..
6. and suggest a suitable wiring for it....

the kind of music i listen genreally hip hop , slow and more base oriented..(v groove effect) i dont want that dham dham sound i want ghoommmmmmmmm like sound i think u can make out what i want .. kindly spare some of your valueble time and suggest me a descent system and the best....;)
wo man! can a spark take 12 inches,do you really have the space at the rear for it?:D
Just out of curiosity!
Any way,i have very little knowledge in car audio,you can wait till you get some professional advice from our members here.

Happy Driving
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