Musical speakers for Yamaha Rx-v863


Apr 5, 2009
Hi friends,

I am looking for a pair of musical speakers to pair with my Yamaha 863 AVR. Will add a integrated amp at later stage. Till now I have auditioned MS mezzo-6 & 8, Aviano6. Mission74i, Jamo C405 & C605.

Liked Mezzo & Aviano-6 & mission 76i at their respective price points.
Jamo C405 is also good, but I feel tweeter becomes hyper active at higher volumes. Shall wait to audition Dali Ikon-6 and some more brands.

Though Mission 74i is VFM, it is a discontinued model (similar to m34i in specifications) and I am getting it for 19k.

My budget is 40k at the max for a pair.

Suggestions from gurus requested....

Good choice of speakers in your wish-list basket. Having said that, my choice of speakers pre Dali demo of yours would be Mezzo's - would really gel well with the Yamaha.

But, all your demoed speakers would vanish post Dali demo, but Dali is in a different price league.


But how one would rate mission 74i / 34i ? I am a bit inclined towards it because of lower cost and near comparable sound. How much Dali Ikon-6 cost?

Being a novice, it is really difficult to judge the subtle differences in SQ of different speakers and that through short auditions in different conditions & with different amps..

So I do require some insight from gurus like you in selecting the speakers..

I've heard only m33i, so I can't be of much help in other Mission models. Yes, they're indeed very cheap compared to other brands, but with price comes with quality. If i were you, I would ignore the Mission's and lean more towards the MS speakers.

Dali Ikon 6 would be around the 70k mark. Please do also audition the new MA RX6 series.

A beautiful, well-constructed speaker with class-leading soundstage, imaging and bass that is fast, deep, and precise.