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Musings of a want-to-be audiophile

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Aug 18, 2010
The Audiophile's journey was a long and winding road.

Coming from a middle class family, the audiophile did not have much money to buy speakers.

However, a generous and indulgent parent lent a few rupees so that the young wannabe audiophile's friend could experiment on building the ultimate sound.

And sound was built. Separate amps for treble, mid and bass.

Friends were impressed. Neighbors complained.

Wannabe audiophile grew up a few.

Got a job.

Bought a Sony mini with a sub. 1500 watts

Was maha thrilled.

One year down the line, Audiophile wanted more.. Purchased custom built speakers for 9000 rupees, 10 inch woofer and all.

Wannabe audiophile was pleased.

Year passed, box had termites. Audiophile wanted upgrade.

Purchased Quad, purchased T Amp purchased Subwoofer.

Audiophile now thought that he was qualified to give suggestions on online site. Though he has near golden ears.

Audiophile was listing to blues guitar on youtube connected to TV and Speakers

Audiophile was telling himself that he was not hearing the box, not hearing the room etc Audiophile was pleased ... until wife reduced the volume of TV. Wannabe audiophile was shattered... Wannabe audiophile no longer feels that he can post on online forums.


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Dec 1, 2012
Charlotte NC, USA
He he he ... wife KLPD's are the worst.
Once in a while my wife will let her true feelings out ... she likes bass, I like treble ...

About 2010 I got my favorite - Oooo Vinyl sounds damn good.
Then somewhere in 2012 she gave me the second favorite, Oooo These speakers make the cups in the cupboard move. I said, maybe its the amp. She goes, no with the other amp it did the same, I just forgot to tell you.
3 weeks ago after listening to the Z9 playing my favorite track repeatedly (treble heavy) while she's in the bathroom she walks out going ... ewwwww I have a headache.
A week ago, listening to Rack city by Tyga (bass heavy) she goes, what, I thought Tyga was an Idiot ... he sang this ???

Take your little victories, that's all I can say.