My Audio System


Jul 28, 2006
Karad, Maharashtra
Cassette Deck : Yamaha KXW 421
CD Player : Marantz CD 6000 OSE LE
TurnTable : ProJect RPM 4
Cartridge : Denon DL 110 and Shure M97XE

Int.Amplifier : NAD C350
Phono PreAmp : NAD PP2

Speakers : Cadence Diva

Interconnects : Van den Hul D102III and V, Van den Hul The Well,
Kimber PBJ

Speaker Cable : Van den Hul TeaTrack( biwire ) with Monster Connectors
CD Player : NAD C521
Amplifier : NAD T751
Speakers : Blue Room Minipods (Silver)
Subwoofer : Blue Room Bass Station
Interconnects : Sommer Analog Interconnects DIYed from the bulk cable spool using Neutrik terminations, MIT digital coaxial cable, Monster Bass Link.
Speaker Cable : Supra 16-ga speaker cabling

Yeah, it's a 5.1 setup, but I'm mostly listening to it in 2.1 stereo whenever my folks (and/ or my doggy :p ) aren't watching movies. Nothing great about it, just use it to unwind and listen to some regular dance/ trance kinda music. For serious listening, there's always the car! :D
Re: My Audio System---extreme audio

krell KAV 400 xi hi fi amp 200 watts/8ohms
B&W 804S hifi speakers
CD Player: Harman/kardon HD7600 Single CD Player
DVD and other Stuff:Sony DVP-NS50 DVD player
Cassette Deck:YAMAHA K-360 Natural Sound Cassette Deck
TurnTable:Technics DC Servo SL-BD20 with Audio Technica AT301EP Catridge and Stylus
Tuner1:Tecnics Quartz Synthesizer AM/FM Stereo Tuner ST-Z960
Tuner2:WorldSpace Diva Satellite Radio

Rotel RA-980BX Integrated Amplifier (100WX2 8 ohms continuous, 190WX2 4 ohms DIN)

Klipsch RF-15 Reference Floor Standing Speakers

Speaker Wire:Jamo Audio Grade AG 2x1.5mm2 speaker wire, Monster S16 Standard speaker wire - bi wired
Interlink:Monster Interlink 300 MK II
Connectors:PE Gold plated banana plugs and spade connectors
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My audio set up is:

Cairn Mea Monoblocks 100 w pc
Cairn Nanda NF pre amp
Cairn Fog3 24/192 upsampling CDP
Cairn Balanced interconnects
Monitor Audio RS8 spkrs
Monster speaker cables
SolidSteel audio rack.

My HT set up is
NAD T763 AV reciever
NAD 530 DVD player
Sanen 5.1 spkr system (local)
with Active front floorstanders.
Optoma projector
Draper screen.

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There were some typing errors in my last post.

My Pure Audio Rig

CD Player : Rega Jupiter
Rega planet
Arcam Delta 270 and couple of other players

pre-amp : McCormack RLD-1
Rega Cursa
Onkyo P-301
Amplifiers : Adcom GFP-555
DIY 300wpc
LM 3875 GC

Int.Amplifier : Rega Mira3

Speakers : Magnepan Mg1.6QR
Dynaudio Audience 72
Dali Piano Noble

Interconnects: Ecosse Baton
Ecosse The Conductor - CA1
Monster cable

Speaker Cable : DAC
DIY 14-ga cable

Sub Woofer: Gale 3090
Eltax 1.5R 15"sub

I have a home theater set-up seperately.
marantz pm 4000 amp marantz cd 4000 cd player and qed silver anniversary speaker cable cambridge atlanta interconnect kef koda 8 speaker. audio lab 8000 a amplifier marantz 63 se player cable talk speaker cable. monster interconnect tdl rtl 3 speaker. not the high end but better and neat sound i hear. any one give me idea about lithos speaker available in india. any body wants to dispose it off. thanks
hi navarajan

the Audiolab 8000 and TDL speakers, very good amp and speakers can easily compare these with the latest amps and speakers which is only 50% the performance

My set up ( still WIP )

Dynaudio Focus 140
Krell 400 Xi
CD Player ( yet to buy -using a ***** Philips DVD player as source as a stop gap )- CDP wishlist includes an Arcam FMJ CD37 / Krell SACD standard ( that depends on santa this X mas )

Cables ( Borrowed 4 PR Kimber ) - To buy
Interconnects ( Borrowed Kimber Tonik )- To buy
Usher Be-718 (Still Burning in)
McCormack DNA-125 Poweramp
Lyrita Audio Tube Preamp (Stock tubes to be replaced with Sylvania 6SN7GT NOS tubes soon)
Citypulse DA7.2x DAC with EMU 0404 Computer transport
Audioquest Jaguar CV-4 Speaker Cables
Usher Interconnects (The exact same cable as Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference only rebadged and with top of the line WBT plugs)
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Stereo Setup:

Transport: Squeezebox 3
Dac: Odeon Lite Dac
Pre: Odyssey Candela
Power: odyssey Stratos Plus 150 wpc
Bookshelf Speakers: Usher BE-718

Additional HT Gear:

Receiver: Denon 2803 (Upgrading to Denon 3808/Onkyo 875)
Surrounds and Centre: Usher S520 + S525
Subwoofer: Polk Audio PSW505 (Upgrading to Velodyne, SVS or Sunfire - not decided)

Front End: HTPC
Projector: Mitsubishi HC3000 DLP 720p
Screen: DIY
Plasma: Pioneer 43XDE

Cables and Interconnects: Clear Audio Silver Interconnect, Clear Audio Silver Anniversary Speaker cables - Desperately need to upgrade!

I don't think I will get satisfactory sound out of a 9X13 room, so the wall has to come down to make it a nice 20X13 room.

I have an identical 20X13 bedroom, where I will setup my new gear till the work on my new dedicated room is done.
All the best, a great move.

I think it will take you around 6 months to complete the dedicated room job, in such a view i think it will be better to buy the audio video equipments later, because new models keep coming at the drop of a hat, and then the warranty factor also reduces by the time you start using them at a full fledge.


I have bought most of the equipment already, and for the next six months, I will be setup in my bedroom which is identical in space to my dedicated room.
I have bought most of the equipment already, and for the next six months, I will be setup in my bedroom which is identical in space to my dedicated room.

In that case good, so you will now be using these new av equipments, and that later you will shift them to your dedicated music cum movie room.

I had done the blunder of buying all the av equipments at an very early date, and they were lying idle for more then 7/8 months, because my theatre work had got delayed, that is why i keep telling everyone to buy the equipments at a much later date.

Nice audio setup.

Is there any noticable improvement when you use Odeon Lite DAC over burr/brown

Stereo Setup:
Transport: Squeezebox 3
Dac: Odeon Lite Dac
Pre: Odyssey Candela
Power: odyssey Stratos Plus 150 wpc
Bookshelf Speakers: Usher BE-718
Err burr brown just makes the converter chip. The Odeon is a standalone external DAC which receives digital input using SPDIF and converts it to analog. How it finally sounds depends on a lot of factors in addition to the DAC chip - the power supply, the jitter rejection circuitry, the circuit topology, the output stage etc.
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