Hello and an introduction to my system


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Oct 5, 2008
Hello members,
I just joined the hifivision forum having already been a member of audioasylum forums for some years. So far managed to build up a modest system primarily for music and integrated with movies. Here we go on my current setup:
Music: Ayre C-5xe (SACD/DVDA/CD universal 2-channel audio player), VTL TL-5.5 line-stage (Amperex/Telefunken/Mullard NOS tubes), Ayre V-5xe (2 X 150W) power amp, Vandersteen 2Ce Signature speakers, a pair of Rel Strata-5 subs, Audioquest Cheetah IC, Volcano double biwire cables, VH Audio Flavor-4/Tel wire/Van den Hul Mainstream power cords with Oyaide/Furutech connectors, Solid Tech Rack of Silence, Taoc amplifier stand, Richard Gray 400 power conditioner.
HT: Pioneer DV-LX50, Philips 55" RPTV, Rotel RSP-1068 and RMB-1075 processor and amplifier, Vandersteen VCC-1 and VSM-1 center and surround speakers.
Room: 19 X 10 X 12 ft.
Music: Malayalam/Tamil/old Hindi/Carnatic, Western vocals, classical, jazz, blues etc etc.
It has been a long and painful (but pleasurable) process of buying and upgrading but gives me a lot of involvement and emotional satisfaction listening to music.
Serious listeners, please feel free to write or speak.
Thanks and looking forward to some interesting sessions in future.

> murali
Hi Murali,
Nice to see you here :)
Hows the new all Ayre setup doing ?
Thanks. As already mentioned, it is performing very well. Please note it is not an all-out Ayre system. My preamp is still tube based (VTL). My next upgrade, whenever it happens, will be either a preamp or speaker. I am looking at Aesthetix, BAT as well as Ayre (VTL is fabulous but its next higher version 6.5 is way beyond my reach) and also contemplating a move to Vandy Quatros. As it will be a very expensive proposition, I may have to sell out my preamp, speakers and subs which I hesitate to do considering the low demand here for high end components.
However, the search continues.

> murali
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