My impression of Modi Multibit V2

Dr Sarkar

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Dec 21, 2019
Solan, Himachal Pradesh
This user review of Schiit Modi multibit V2 is my personal impression after using the DAC for last one week.

Amps used:
Audiolab A6000
Dared MP 60 Tube amp
Fatman I tube hybrid amp

Bluesound node 2021

Streamer > Digital optical out > Schiit modi multibit V2 > VanDen Hul the NAME interconnect > amp > Dali Opticon 5

At the outset the DAC looks very small and compact in design considering the fact that the conversion from AC to DC is done inside the device itself and Schiit claims it’s 100% linear power supply in there. There’s also a power switch in the back and input selector in the front. That’s all, no volume control, no digital filters selection, no headphone out. It features a SPDIF, Optical and full sized USB in and two unbalanced RCA out.

Dared MP 60 Tube amp:

Upon connecting it to the Dared MP 60 tube amp, the first thing that is audible is the full-bodied presentation. The rich, textured and weighty midrange is giving the vocals and all instruments a substantial upgrade. The high notes are presented with a sparkle. Bass region is simply good with respectable weight, control and speed. As such the Dared is a fantastic amp at it’s price point with a commendable control across the sound spectrum but Modi Multibit has uplifted the overall presentation with a frontal attack and boost in the treble range.

Talking about sound-stage, it has a phenomenal upgrade. Both vocals and instruments convey the sense of having more three-dimensionality and space between them. Moreover, due to that full midrange and harmonic after-tones, instrument timbre feels really rich and natural.

Apropos it has been a good upgrade over the Amp only presentation. It provides the much required chime to the laid back Dared MP 60.

Fatman I tube hybrid amp:

This amp surprises me every time I connect it after a gap. It is an amp that is very hard to beat even compared to the amps double its price when paired with a sensitive speaker. With Multibit It really shines in two departments. Soundstage and vocal response. Sound stage has widened drastically and appears much palatable. Vocals specially Diana Krall and Carla Bruni sounded so good. Over all a decent upgrade.

Audiolab A6000:

There has been very little difference with this amp; may be as it has got a very good DAC inbuilt. So it is not recommended to use Modi Multibit to replace the existing DAC IMHO.

I Shall be posting my impression with Denafrips Ares II in the same set up in a couple of weeks. Thank you.
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