NAD 325BEE Integrated Amplifier Review

Can anyone confirm if the NAD 325BEE is available in India. The ipod input seems like an attractive feature to have.
NAD distributor in India is:

Lakozy Impex and Services
Showroom No 3, Lakozy Mansion
21 Chowpatty Seaface
Mumbai 400007
Tel : +91 22 23697001/02
Fax : +91 22 23698001

The last time I checked with them they still did not have this amp. Probably getting rid of their old stock of 320BEE.

Maybe somebody from Lakozy can post their availability here.

I called Lakozy Impex about 10 days ago, the 325BEE is priced at 24k


If you are considering spending 24K, I would also suggest you listen to the Cambridge Audio 640A v2.0 and the Rotel RA-03 or RA-04
And the Cambridge Audio Azur 640A V2 is available at 29K at Chennai. I think it is a bit high; what does it cost elsewhere?
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