nad and arcam?

I have heard a nad amp and own an arcam a85 integrated amp, dont ever compare a nad to arcam, you can compare a nad to cambridge audio, marantz but definately not arcam, it is far superior to nad.
hey bros.

anyone using nad and arcam amp and avr

please guide me in these two brands

also pricing too

Both are british brands, one is budget HIFI and the other is MID FI. Arcam is a well built amp with a little laid back (warm) yet detailed sound and the Nad sound is more veiled. Nads are actually a great starting block for HIFI.
U will have to be a bit more specific in your requirements. What r u looking to acquire? An AVR or an integrated or a Pre/power and for what speakers?
NAD Electronics (NAD originally was an acronym for New Acoustic Dimension) is a Canadian producer of low-cost home audiophile amplifiers and components owned by the Lenbrook Group of Pickering, Ontario, Canada.[1] Its most famous product is the late-1970s NAD 3020 amplifier, designed by Bjrn Erik Edvardsen, which became a staple of low-budget Hi-Fi in Britain, where the company was originally founded in London by Martin Borish.

I thought NAD was a Canadian company

Well today its owned by a Co thats based in canada. Actually lenbrook were Nads US distributors who bought it over from Audio Nord who were a Danish Distributor and the Nad owners in the 90s.
Frankly its classic british budget HIFI and as unleash said the founder is Martin
Borish a Brit electrical engineer. Design goal was simple : throw out anything that does contribute to the sound of the product, thereby giving the consumer good sound for small money. Hence the early Nads were not flashy like their Japanese budget counterparts and were infact painted battletank grey. They hired top designers and were one of the first companies to entirely shift manufacture to the peoples republic of china. The BEE suffix on some Nads are the initials of their top designer (also mentioned in unleash s post) and the 3020 was the amp that really made it for a Co otherwise struugling to stay afloat.
The current range of nads (355,375,165,275 etc) are very different in many ways than the nads of the 80s though the Nad sound is more or less there with a few cosmetic upgrades to gain universal acceptability.
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Arcam's new FMJ series of amps sound good. Their New AVR, the AVR 600 is gathering a lot of good reviews and is supposed to be a killer machine.

Manu, Arcan has just one AVR - the AVR600. This goes for roughly 2.5 lakhs. The other product they have is the AV888 which is a surround sound processor. This will work with their multichannel amp - the P777. The AV888 and the P777 together would cost roughly 6 lakhs.

You may be able to get their older models for less than a lakh from the second hand market.


aww - beaten, anyway, my 2 paisa.

I don't think there is any cheap or basic AV in Arcam - their AVR600 would be costing around 3 lac mark, but i could be wrong regarding the price.
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