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NAD C320BEE vs C325BEE

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Active Member
Jul 14, 2013
Hyderabad / Mumbai
Hi friends
NAD C320BEE and C325BEE are available in used shop. If we consider sound quality what exactly is difference. Technically 325 is slightly better in parameters like SNR, distortion etc. But would like to know the difference from listener's point of view.
Any tips, suggestion for my decision are welcome.



Well-Known Member
May 26, 2010
Trivandrum, India
This is quite a subjective topic and in my opinion, the difference should be more ascertained via personal audition. I have owned and rigorously listened to both amplifiers and could not find any notable difference though I did notice that on certain recordings he 325BEE sounded a bit brighter. Spec-wise the 325BEE is more up-to-date and it is a much newer amplifier when compared to the C320, hence the caps, etc are likely to be in better condition. On the other hand, the 320 being older would have better burnt in components if they are in proper working condition. Experts who review amplifiers online would tell you that the C320 sounds better, same is also the case with the other "C" non-"BEE" models like the C370. Again experts say that this one sounds better than the C375BEE, even if the 375 is more powerful. There are a variety of moving elements that constitute these opinions like speakers used, room acoustics, source, genre of music and even type of cables used and so the best approach would be to take a favourite recording of yours, go down and listen to both amplifiers with the same source device and speakers and take a call.