Naim Nait 5i Integrated Amplifier Review


Sep 19, 2006
Naim Nait 5i Integrated Amplifier Review

The problem is that the Nait is more than a really good amp: it does something akin to finding the holy grail of amplification, and it does this while imposing relatively modest tradeoffs on the listener....

the Nait 5i resolves the tube vs. transistor dilemma in way that doesn't feel like a careful balancing act, but feels like an improvement on the limits of both camps...

Tom Martin

Naim Nait 5i Integrated Amplifier Review

NAIT 5i integrated amplifier

There’s a long Naim tradition of the NAIT Integrated Amplifier punching above its weight. It began with the original NAIT in 1983 and continues now with the NAIT 5i. The NAIT 5i takes all that’s best about the tradition, and all that’s best about its 5 Series companions.


  • The most powerful and best sounding NAIT ever
  • 50W continuous output into 8-Ohm loads, 500W peak into 1-Ohm.
  • Zinc and aluminium anti-resonance casework.
  • DIN and RCA phono inputs.
  • Can be used with a wide range of interconnect and loudspeaker cables.
  • Programmable unity-gain audio-visual input.
  • iCOM remote control handset.

The NAIT 5i delivers fifty Watts into real loudspeaker loads, each Watt with the legendary Naim rhythmic drive and musical integrity. Entry level it may be, but the music it makes is detailed, engaging and recognisably Naim. It borrows many of the latest Naim amplifier innovations to become the finest sounding integrated ever to carry the logo.

Versatility is vital for an entry level amplifier. The Nait 5i makes integration with existing systems easy by incorporating phono socket inputs alongside the traditional DIN sockets, and offers the possibility of use with a wide range of speaker cable types. Integration with audio visual systems is handled through a programmable “unity gain” input. The 5i is intuitive in use too. A true plug and play product.

The 5i’s construction and aesthetic borrow directly from the acclaimed 5 Series. It features zinc die-casting, combined with aluminium extrusions and covers, which together result in a rigid case that offers great immunity to the effects of external vibration.

The NAIT 5i establishes a new entry-level reference point of natural musical reproduction, flexibility and reliability.

Analogue inputs

Input sensitivities
225mV, 20kOhm

Output level, tape
225mV, 100 Ohm

Power output (into 8 Ohms)
50W per channel

Overload margin, all inputs, all audio frequencies

Mains supply
115V, 230V

Dimensions (H x W x D)
70 x 432 x 301mm


Naim Nait 5i Integrated Amplifier Review
That was more like the reproduction of the specs from official web site. Can you share how you reviewed it, e.g. associated equipments, set of music, speakers, ICs, cables etc?
Naims are very particular about the associated equipment you connect to them. They place special special emphasis on their power sections and most of their equipment is 'MADE FOR EACH OTHER". A badly matched naim system can sound quite bad. Once you get it right, there is nothing like it..:) But it is a very costly affair.
Dear Jamshed U cant!!!! Marbin colah sells Naim(At least he claims too) but wont demo and has hardly any stock.His No. 98192 57839
thanks for the info dinyaar... have never heard the fabled naim sound tho... so think will wait until i can actually hear one first. any idea who sells krell in Mumbai?
Hi Jamshed,
Call Marbin and see if he has a Naim amp for u to check out. I know he has the new cdp. I dont think Krell is available in Bbay though to the best of my knowledge there is a guy in Delhi(sunny i think). Maybe other members will be able to give u more details.
Seems to be a lot of interest in Naim....would love to know if there's an official dealer and not a fly-by-night operator...
Shahrukh u are correct. It is displayed at Lakozy currently but was not in May when Jamsheed was enquiring.
Marbin was/is the importer and he is selling thru Lakozy.
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Can anyone share his/her experiences with Naim + PMC Tb2. Any A/B comparision in sound signatures- Naim Vs Bryston will be appreciated.:licklips:

Thanks for you time.
Hi all,

Can anyone suggest how much a used Naim Nait 5i Version 2 be worth in India, considering their rarity and desireablity? Would it be capable of driving a pair of Quad 22L2s? Would other speakers be a better match?

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