Need advice on portable good quality projector and screen


New Member
Dec 8, 2008
GM People,

I want a multimedia projector and portable screen for which I seek your advise...what to go for...I myself have no idea whatsoever. Let me put some considerations as follows:

1) Need it for open air roof top terrace garden. So needs to be portable. Every time I will need to use it, I will have to pull it out and install and then pack it again and store. Average usage - once a week.
2) Primarily for watching movies...most times straight from Laptop/USB
3) I already have a Sony HT-DDW5000 (6.2ch with 1 receiver, 6 speakers and 2 subwoofers, 1510W rms) system installed for audio. The speakers are installed in their regular positions. Being outdoor, they have individual water proof enclosures ewhich are removed when in use.
4) Obviously...the viewing will be only late evenings
5) Please consider that it can be a bit windy at the 10th floor roof top sometimes...kindly suggest screen accordingly.
6) A short throw projector wud be good...thought its not a bottleneck I wud say
7) My wife woud be upset i I spend anything more than 1L. Ideally both screen and projector less that 75K will make me a bit more comfortable
8) If at that price, nothing good is available...I would rather not buy and wait a bit longer...meaning I do not want to compromise on quality.
9) Having said that, I understand quality is relative. I am not looking for HD quality...but something sharp enough not to be disappointing.
10) Asking a silly question...but is it possible to project from the rear side? Meaning the viewers sit on the front but the projection is from behind the screen therby causing no obstacles. I guess that's possible. But is it possible in all cases or need some special equipment. Anyhow, if that is posible, it would be great.

Looking forward.

Arun Gupta
Rear projection is pretty much possible. Though, in view of the strong expected winds, i wouldnt recomment a tripod and screen arrangement. It is safer to be something on the wall..
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