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Sep 21, 2008
delhi ncr
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Hi all, it's a pleasure to be sharing cyberspace and thoughts with you all here. I am based in Delhi National Capital Region. I have joined you at a time when I am in a bind.

I am looking at speaker upgrades for my present system. My present hardware is Denon AVR 4308 (140 w/c) receiver, Panasonic BD 30 Blue-ray Disc player, Denon CD 1500 AE CD/SACD player, Denon 1930 DVD player.

All of them are linked with QED Silver Spiral interconnects (HDMI for home theatre) and are fed power through QED mains lead from an IsoTek power cleaner. At resent I am using a Bose Acoustimass 15 (5.1) speaker package playing in a 17X18 feet living room with a Sony Ful HD 40 inch display.

I listen to a lot of music. Somehow, I feel the speakers are shaving off much of the AVR's prowess in both modes. Have tried Dali Ikon 6 and JBL ES 90 speakers. Dali sounded too thin but produced excellent soundstaging. JBL was woolly in the bass region with a marked gap between the upper and lower frequency segments. Though I liked the mid, especially the vocals in music.

As for sound, I like the ``live'' sound, the kind you would hear at live stage performances. Though that could sometime bring in ear fatigue. Going by availability in Delhi, I am now left with only B&W. I heard Denon used these speakers at the last Bristol audio show.

Second, I started with Denon 3805 with Jamo 709 but then changed to Yamaha RX-V 2600. The Boses seemed fine with it and moved sound really fast. But the Denon I feel a certain lag in that department while watching a movie. Am thinking of going for the new Denon AVC-1 HD. Will it help or should I go back to Yamaha, say their RX-V 3800?

Please help with some advice and I apologise if I have been too long for the first post!

Sanjay first off a warm welcome to this forum :)!! have a pleasant stay here !

Secondly its actually good that you've tried to explain things its very good for fellow members to get the idea and give suggestions !!

As with the speaker upgrade I'd say give quad 22L2 and Wharfedale Evo a try before deciding on the others !!

The AVR I'd say the AVC is damn good ! infact the existing is also very good but if you must upgrade then the AVC is better option or if Yamaha is the thing then look at their DSP Z series not less then that !! as the AVC is only comparable with those !

Hope this helps !

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