Netflix Settings for Atmos through Apple TV


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Jan 9, 2020
I am posting this after racking my brains for straight 3 days on why I am not getting any dolby atmos content in netflix.

I have a Apple TV 4k 3rd Gen connected to Denon 3800H 5.1.2 which is playing the video on EPSON TW7100.

Whenever I was playing netfllix, I was not able to see any of the titles in dolby atmos. It was showing fine in Prime video though and playing the content also in dolby atmos. With netflix, It's always showing the signal as PCM and input signal as 5.1.

There is a setting in Netflix which is available only through laptop. No setting is shown through apple tv.
Go to Account -> Edit Settings -> Playback Settings -> Data Usage per screen and set it to High. Somehow, my setting was set to medium. Post making this change I am able to see dolby atmos content on netflix and it's also playing the content in dolby atmos.

The pictures are attached before and after for the changes. Hope this helps.


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Iam also facing the issue With Apple Tv 2021.
It us showing pcm or multi plus surround etc
Do you have the netflix subscription with Atmos audio. I believe only some level of subscription enables Atmos.
I do have the premium subscription for Netlfix, That enables atmos content. Even after that the content were showing 5.1 rather than dolby atmos. Post making the above changes, I was able to see dolby vision and dolby atmos.

Contents I checked : 6 underground, Spider man across the spider verse, RRR. In the search query, If you put atmos, All the contents in atmos gets listed in netflix.
Other settings that I have done in Apple TV :

Enable Atmos in Audio Format in Apple TV settings
Switched off Match content to Off.
Switched off Sound Effects and Music setting to Off
Audio Mode is set to Auto
Audio Format is set to Auto, Atmos Available

I have attached the current settings in the pictures for Apple TV


  • AppleTV Video Settings.jpeg
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  • AppleTV Audio Settings.jpeg
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