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Dec 7, 2009
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Hi everyone.
I have joined this forum after a friend of mine mentioned to me about it. I am actually looking for information/details on AV equipments.
I have a Sony home theatre (AZ7D) that I bought 3 years back. I also bought a Samsung LCD TV (32", LA32R71B) during the same time (after paying a premium), but it died this September with a small scratch in the panel evetnually spoiling the entire LCD panel. Since then I have been planning to buy a new LCD TV (60-90k budget), either 42" or (preferably) 47". Since I have had a horrible experience with Samsung service, I am quite biased against Samsung and looking for options from other brands - LG, Sony, Panasonic.
I have visited some of the stores/showrooms and am currently considering the following models (all LG):
LG JAZZ LH60 42"
LG LH50 47"
LG Scarlet LH70 47"
LG LH90 42"/ 47"

I was about to finalize and buy the LH90 (42") model for about 70k, but postponed my buying decision mainly becuase most of the major stores didn't have any stock of this - one or two stores had just one piece left. More importantly, salesmen from most of those stores told me things line - "this model is a flop, LG has stopped production of this", "this is not really a LED backlit TV", "LG has got very poor feedback on this, so they have withdrawn this model, they will soon launch an upgraded version" etc. etc.

Now, do you guys know why such a "value for money" (that's what was my 1st impression after revieweing this model in one of the exclusive LG schowrooms) LED backlit model is not available in the market (with most dealers/showrooms) within 2 months after its launch? And does this model really have any major issue that made LG to withdraw this model and relaunch (if there is any truth in that story)? Or, Is it just that they don't have enought parts/panels for this in stock to produce/supply enough?

On a similar note - how would you compare the JAZZ and Srcarlet and LH50 models against the LH90?
Also, do you recommend any other good models from Sony, Panasonic (or even samsung)?

Note that:
I live in Bangalore.
The new TV is primarily going to be used for - 60%: TV broadcasts - DTH (TataSky), 30%: watching movies (mostly Sony DVD player - AZ7D - for DVDs/ HDDs ; also PS3, which i am planning to buy soon, for Blu-Rays), 10%: playing games (PS3)
I consider "value for money", "quality/performance of the product" & "quality of service" as the 3 most important factors to decide for or against a product.
The viewing distance is 10 - 15 feet.
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plasma is the answer......why spend 70k on an LCD that is trying hard to catch up with the picture of the plasmas......spend 45k and get an HD Ready plasma......or 60k and get a full HD plasma......42 inch......since you don't like samsung.....go for panasonic....enjoy :)
+1 to psychotropic, 45k & good plasma is better than LCD.
LCD is good for bright rooms.LG LCD shows less Black details.
I personally demoed the LH90 and liked it.
The Picture quality was very good compared to other LCDs and black level was also good.

Now, if LG took it back due to faulty electronics, that is a different story altogether. Atleast one member in this problem is not satisfied with the LH90. Picture quality wise it is far better than LCDs around.

The LH90 however falls short to the plasmas in picture.

However don't jump into conclusion without an audition as most in this forum are asking you to go for a plasma. Have an audition and then conclude..

Have a look at panasonic C10/X10. The panasonic however are not as good as samsung in SD quality though they produce some excellent black levels and are very good in HD. Since major part of your viewing will be SD, these might not suit you. However have a demo before deciding.

Also consider LG PQ60/PQ70 plasmas. They are good compared to LCDs but lack black levels when compared with the panasonic plasmas. They are good at SD though.

If you dont like the plasmas, only sony LCDs match the samsungs in PQ. Since you are already using a samsung, LG will fall short of your expectation. Panasonic does not produce LCDs >32" I think. Also panasonic LCDs are IPS like LG and come next to sony/samsung in black levels.

Tryout the V and W series of sony.
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Saumitra: Welcome to HFV. You are at the right place for your queries. However, lets keep the Intro section for Introduction only and do discussions in the correct sections.

@All: Guys, can we stick to Introduction alone and guide newbeeis to appropriate sections next time for discussions instead of posting reviews/fbks here ;)
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