new speakers?

These are very compact and really good speakers. Much better than the average Pc speakers that u get in the market. More musical than my setup which is based on Denon 1907 ( of course 1907 is a multichannel receiver and not a stereo amp ). Not for the really power hungry, but very good quality speakers. Connect it with a good source and they do justice to the music.

Caution to anyone who may buy these speakers:

Do not crank up the volume to a limit that the speakers wouldn't bear it. These speakers are not meant to be played that way , the review on "stereophile" confirms that. We unfortunately had to learn it the hard way round. A month ago my friend bought a pair on my suggestion , after a couple of days of listening he was extremely happy with the performance (he had paired it to his pc) . But he managed to f**k them up in a couple of weeks time as he likes his music really loud , so he was playing bass heavy tracks on the highest volume possible with his pc setup.( although the speakers are not really that nondurable my friend is a bit extreme , he abused them a bit too much ).

I personally would strongly recomend these beautiful speakers to anyone.

The link for the review on stereophile: Stereophile: Audioengine 2 powered loudspeaker

for anyone looking to buy these speakers in mumbai , has them for Rs 9500. ( if anyone knows a better deal in mumbai please share it with us)

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